Kristine's First Day at School

Well, now its another phase into her life. Yes, Kristine is going to Primary One for 2011. And yes, time changes very fast.

My, my. Almost 7Am and she is still not fully
awake. Kaelynn on the other hand, was up
and ready, just to see her sister off eventhough
she is not supposed to be up until an hour later.

Mommy helping Kristine into her

In my days, we do not have velcro like what
she has now.

And there she goes. Kaelynn is also following
Grandpa's car, trying to see Kristine off as
much as possible.

As usual, there would ne reports of kids crying and so on. But for Kristine, it was a normal school day for her. For the first two days, the school allowed parents in but when it was my time to take her to school days later, I could only leave her at the entrance.