The Last visit to The Outpost

So, tonight can be said to be the last night for me at The Outpost. I did not plan on returning here since I was there last Sunday. But because Pol wanted to get some stuff back, its a good excuse as any to just go there one last time. And so, both of us drove there after dinner.

The place is still 'functioning' despite the fact that they have until the end of this month to clear their stuff. And so, after much looking around and waiting for the items to be found, I decided to have one last meal there. But Wife is not having any since it was just after dinner.

And so, the Blueberry Freeze was no more because no one else could find that anymore since the main supplier stopped um...... supplying.

All items for sale were tagged with orange slips.
For example, the shelf here is Rm20. Only the
shelf. But not the helmets. Not the helmets nor
the masks. But after looking back at this picture,
RM20 is worth it if they include the spotlight....

Some behind the scenes shot. Costumes for events
were all here. Note some Jedi bathrobes and two
Starfleet Uniforms. Unfortunately the mannequins
are not for sale. Even of it costs less than a limb.

Take these Broken Wings..............

The scheming area.........

Next to our dinner table, there were a
lot of Star Trek merchandise for sale.

RM2 per VHS tape. But you have to take the
whole set. Richard was waiting for Kenny to
show up. Its a bargain really, until I realised
that I do not have a VCR. That working ones
belong to my Mom and its always occupied.

Srat Trek Voyager Season 5 VHS format.

2009 toys at a bargain. Kirk for RM50
while Spock's little girl was for a lot less

This was also reduced but nah, not with
the Wife sitting next to me *ahem*

RM99.00 for an unopened Tricorder.

Finally, for RM120, you can get Number One
to sit on the Captain's Chair. This is the version
which he did not spot a macho beard, which is
the Season One Will Riker.

The Captain's Chair for RM1701.00. Told
Richard to refurbish it with more accurate
and lit panels. Oh, and I told him to put a
sound system into the chair for a Home
Theatre experience, especially a big sub-
woofer under the platform........

Carrying the NX-01 the normal way (as if
its a very precious object of desire) from
the Toy Shop through the Cinema with a
lot of patrons would surely turn a few
So, I just carried it like a normal
Sci-Fi object
or hand weapon and no
one turned around and screamed.

My last meal from a limited menu;
Rendang Rosti and Mango Smoothie.
While eating, Richard was at the table
on and off, discussing and telling me
some anecdotes. I was all choked up....
(because the rendang was too dry. Ha ha)

Finally, back at home, we got Pol's stuff.
Time to hide them from the girls, just in
case they got too curious one afternoon.

The Battle Damaged NX-01 with a broken impulse
engine cover. I removed the loose Warp Engine
Nacelle as it could not fit into the box. The Asajj
Ventress Unleashed still mint in the crumbling,
dog eared and scratched plastic package.

The Alien resin model. Have to get a bag for
it. But I can't find a doggie bag........ ha ha ha.
The Bronze Dewback is still waiting to be sold
while the Kotobukiya Kree Trooper is gone.
As for the four Matrix Figures, I think I heard
him said its sold too but I can't remember.

Dinner was not too bad. For Rm18.25, I got a rosti, a mango smoothie and a free kiwi/lemon smoothie. And towards closing time, the boxes of goodies were still unsold except for a customer who came in looking for some psoters.

The 2.7Kg Parcel IV (45 mins later)

Whoa! It left the building!

The 2.7Kg Parcel III (3 hours later)

Its gone to some FedEx location the journey took
10 hours. Must be far........

The perils of working too much

OK. I've been trying to get some work done and I was so distracted that I totally forgot about lunch. Office people have been asking if I had lunch and my answers were usually, "Yes, Just now, thanks." or "No ler."

It was not until my stomach started growling at this time did I remember that I totally forgot about taking lunch because I kept thinking, "Just a few more minutes........". So, for the rest of the afternoon, I just drank and drank lots of water.

Can't go to the canteen as they're 'out' at the factory doing their drink rounds. Can't go to the pantry as I still don't have my own cup. So its 'glug-glug' and toilet time. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Even my hard rock chocolates are in bite sizes

The 2.7Kg Parcel II (6 hours later)

Once I refreshed the webpage, its now cheeckily
gone into transit.

And if the pirate's RPG can reach this high.......
(RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade)

The Modern Ah Pek

Yes, I am the modern Ah Pek because
I am wearing the modern and updated
Ah Pek shirt. The material is soft cotton
and a very nice round neck. If the shirt
is made thicker, I could wear it like a

The 2.7Kg Parcel I

Got an e-Mail today, asking me to track a parcel which is 2.7Kg. And so, I used the tracking number and started to track it la. What else can I do?

This is the tracking on their time, which was picked
up just before lunchtime. Their lunchtime.

This is the tracking on my time. Seems like they did
this while I was sleeping....

Want to know what it is? Well, lets see if it arrives on April 1st or get stopped at somewhere else.......