The Gift

She stared at me, with her beautiful eyes, as if she could not believe I was there for her. Her looks, so innocent yet full of wonder, betrays that of an eager young girl wanting something from me.

I see my reflection in her big brown eyes. Her eyes moved up and down, looking for something. My Eyes? My Lips? My Nose, perhaps? At last, after a few heartbeats, she has found it, and her face changed.

I guess her feelings welled up inside her that she grimaced. Trying to keep it all in, trying to control her emotions from being let out. Her eyes squeezed shut and her lips pursed tightly.

But, alas, finally, she had to let it go.


She created an aromatic Masterpiece from a 45 sen disposable nappy which I had changed moments earlier.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. Oh, no, no, no. The fun goes on. As they say, what goes down must come up. Yep, all the Formula milk my Wife sneakily tried to feed her hours ago, are gushing out in torrents. You take the tissue and wipe one side of her mouth, it gushes out from the other side. Then you take another piece of tissue to cover that side, out it comes, from the other side. In the end, my Wife thought I was trying to kill Kristine with my hands when in actual fact, I was holding enough tissues to cover both sides of her mouth. But sad to say, I think I have killed a few trees in the process.

Her clothes was wet and I had to change her again. With the last button almost in place, out comes the Formula again. Yes, she hates Formula and I am not surprised as it takes a long time for her to digest them. Whoever invented Formulas must have hated their parents a lot. How else can you explain the perfect revenge plot?

While she smiled.

We cried.

And it’s the start of another exciting day with Kristine, who can turn into a mess from 0 to 4.5 seconds.

This was taken seconds before more milk flowed and spoilt the whole thing