Tired Drifting

With so much work, its taking a toll on me. And I can't pay much attention to a lot of things.

Just this morning, about 25 past seven, I was already on the Shah Alam Highway towards the NKVE. And usually, I would take the contra flow route. Nothing much happened except towards the end of the flow where you need to swerve back to your original lane.

My mind must have gone or blanked out for a few seconds. Its not like where you blank out and look like a zombie but more like “my-mind-went-running-out-of-the-door-naked-and-forgot-how-to-come-back” blank. The all the cars have slowed down to go back to the flow except me. Running on 60-odd km/h and with the Kenari about twenty feet from the van, I stepped on the brakes and that's it. It locked the van's wheels while I sat there madly staring and calculating how many milliseconds more before I hit the Kenari's rear. But at the same time, my reflex went nuts and my past defensive driving training kicked in (gosh!). So, my hands began to take control of the steering to steer the van away from trying to avoid the Kenari. So, in less than four seconds, the van went from left to right, nearly went into the lane of another oncoming car and then swerved back.

I guess I am tired

Never before have I lost my mind like that. And the best thing, I could not remember what happened seconds before the incident. Even the Hitz.fm's Gotch prank calls were not on yet (but when it came on, they made the guy put on hold for minutes was quite funny)

Maybe it was last night as I came back late after our company's discussion and staff review. The same thing happend except that I was drinking a bottle of orange juice.

I am tired

I think I am. All the past travelling, working non-stop and so much commitment to both family and friends have really made me go nuts.

I am really tired.

Can I rest now? Can I? Huh? Huh? No I can't. Although its almost the end of 2007, there are still more work to do. More outstation trips. More projects. Haih.

I am dead

The van served from left, then right out to the other lane
and back again. Thank goodness, I did not hit anything

[Update: The next day]

OK, took a photo this morning and I was surprised that the tire tracks were about 15 feet long! gosh!