Heavy Rain in the Evening

I was stuck with a customer when it rained heavily. And by the time I got to the van, the parking area was already seeping with water. It was so heavy that the normal drainage system was insufficient to expel them. And so, it started to flow down to the other floors. And that's not all. All the road in KL was so jammed up, even the NKVE was affected too. By the time I got home, I had to force my Wife to massage my legs....

This is not Genting Highlands but Mid-Valley's The Garden
The "mist" are the heavy rain. And if you look closer, all the
three buildings resembles Chinese joss sticks. I am sure a lot
of Fung Sui people are going to comment on that very soon

The rush of water was too much for the "drains" and so,
it spread to the floor and also down the ramp

I only see this type of jam when I am from the opposite direction
in the morning. This lasted for Kilometres and tired my legs

But once I get home, it is nice to be with the Family

Kaelynn and the basket

Years ago, when my camera was not so cacat, I could at least take some good photos. Kristine did it with a pail and now, Kaelynn did it with a basket.

Here she is, doing the same stunt like her elder sister
Just before her bathtime

Before I could take more pictures, she got bored

Finally, when the camera was ready....

And now, she is using the toy box for another stunt....

Blue Screen of Crap

Something happened to my Windows today, just when I was rushing to complete a task. And I need more RAM! Running Windows XP at 384Mb just isn't going to cut it. Even from hibernation, it took minutes and I mean, minutes for it to stabilise. And if it freezes (usually), I'd have to reboot which would even take longer.

Sounds like I'm not the only one who is about to break down.

Dear User, you have shoved something up my USB port which I do not like.
So, I am going to crash now. Bye bye

Highly pressured

I am not sure what it is but its meant for
keeping something in high pressure