Weird dreams

Being sick having to lie on the bed for three days is so unproductive. Maybe it was the boredom or the medication but whatever it was, I have been having a lot of dreams. Even if it was a short nap.

Still, after waking up, I can only remember bits of them except for the last one, which is still a little vague but the main ingredient is still there, if you know what I mean. Anyway, the place is like one of those narrow buildings about three to four stories high somewhere in America. We are at war. Although the wonderful sun is casting agolden hue to the autumn leaves, as I looked further, I can see more and more buildings ravaged by war. For some reason, we're told to meet someone at one of the buildings.

There were only four of us, I think plus the Terminator robot (from Sarah Connor Chronicles TV sereis played by Summer Glau. Ha ha ha). After searching the whole building for the contact, we did not find anyone. Then we found another entrance and decided to break the lock to which I think, was the basement. This was hidden quite deep, behind shelves and shelves of books and what nots. There, the door was in the form of a metal gate with lots of fencing, just like those you seen on the movies. The whole place was dimly lit by a bulb.

Once we broke through, the room was just a maze of shelves. A figure came rushing out past us while we were searching the place. He was caught and he looked like a cross between Eddie Murphy and that Miles Dyson fella (The person who created the Terminator chip in Terminator 2). I forgot what he did but he pissed me of and was still trying to escape. So, with anger, I took my Magnum and shot him in the chest.

Only then did he calm down and told us who he was and as time was running our for him, he showed us all the ammunition we needed and the plans. And then I woke up.

I think I should have handled that situation better, don't you think?