Sneaking off to the Curve

Its one of those nights where I have nothing to do and feeling very impulsive. As everyone was bone tired or not in the house, I decided to take the girls to The Curve to see Richard. That is, after I made sure they have no homework. And so, we tip-toed out of the house.....

Reaching there, I missed Richard by minutes, and so, with nothing else to do, I got the last Arc Reactor. I was tempted to get the Back to the Future I De Lorean but well, I still could not force myself to do it. This is because I have plans to modify it but I am afraid no one would be buying it off me after they knew I did something to it.

With the Iron Man movie well underway, there is no need for my services anymore. Oh well.

And so, the girls were happy to pose in front of
the Iron Men, with their pyjamas!

As a finale, they get to have a MacDonalds

OK, I helped too. This was after I 'helped' Kaelynn
with her ice-cream.

And minutes later, you can see the
effects of sugar in the bloodstream

So, I have to get them out of the place, fast.

And release them onto unsuspecting crowds. For
the next half hour, they were running round and
round the circles, shouting and well, jumping.

Finally, it was time to, and this fighting
happened all the way home. Haih.

Playing wiht their minds

"Daddy. what do you want to eat?"
"I want Fried Rice"
"I have noodle only wor"
"OK, then I'll take fried rice"
"Only noodle, Daddy!"
"Dun have Fried rice, right? Then, ... I'll choose... Freid Rice."
"Fried rice"
'Fried rice"

Finally, guess who won?

I just don't understand how they
know what pose to choose for

Whose Notice is this Anyway?

OK, I was browsing through the Internet and came across these funny posters. Somewhere in Chapel Street Australia, there were a lot of these posters being put up in 2009. Seems like 'Craig' here is lonely. Most of the posters here are quite funny.

This one is hilarious

Well, that was fine until I read that 'Craig' here copied the idea from 'Chris' in New York. After some tracing, Chris located 'Craig' and told him to stop it. Which 'Craig' replied, as reported from The Age:

"Hi Todd, indeed the idea for it did come from your web link. I loved them and decided to expand on it. I didn't realise that it was actually you since the name on the signs was Chris and your name is Todd, otherwise I would have asked permission. Sorry for offending you."

But then, another item cropped up. Seemed like David Shrigley could be the one who started it all in 1997. So, who started it, who copied who is another debate altogether because these are acknowledged but not copyrighted. My guess is, whoever has more 'vocal' fans wins. Except for 'Craig', that is. But his one the $500 sign posting penalty, sign for sale and the Time Machine is funny.