Kaelynn's new tricks

No! No! No! No! Girl, what are you doing?

You cannot start destroying things like your elder Sister, ok?

Trip to Kota Bahru Day Five

Final Day
So, with Ipoh being the only customer left, I quickly finished the job so that I have enough time for the last task: To buy those famous Ipoh Biscuits back for the Office (and for myself, too). Not only that, I wanted to see my cousin who recently gave birth to a boy.

But nothing ever goes according to plan, so I can only get the bistcuits and forget about the boy. And this time, Mr. Cloud got me. dammit.

This is one thing I hate about these AutoDialer people
They left a few units for the customer to change, who,
in turn, asked me to change. Not that I mind but after
closer look, the device are "recycled". Because they are
so sensitive to line surges, they are usually the first casualty
and this guy just dumped a few extra for the customer to
do it themselves. And I guess they are the cheap models
This is Kenny Roger's Cheesy Chicken or something.
Serves me right for not asking the price first before
ordering. Yep, they got me good at RM23 or so.
And trust me, stay off the spaghetti.

Better get going, the clouds are not too happy again

A Savvy nurse

After 1,750 Km, this is what I have to show for
the office: Food from Kota Bahru and Ipoh