Ah, back to more familiar territory. But alas, everyone thought the same thing too and so, there were a lot of people everywhere. I am not sure if the there is a tunnel to connect the two places but if there is one, I think its blocked at LG floor. So, you can either pass through to Megamall's Basement carpark or walk under the tarpaulin at G level. And with impatient crowds in the rain, it was a disaster waiting to happen. Still, my wife kept quiet until we're far away to tell me something or else I would have fought with a few men then and there.

Anyway, bringing Kristine adn Kaelynn along was more tiring that we expected. But then, this was the only time I was free from work and all those nonsense. I am not sure what happened after we left Jusco but half an hour later, all floors except the fresh food section were closed. The main entrance had their metal roller shutters down. And the were some reporters. On First Floor, the security guard came out but his boots were covered with white powder......

Now, Kristine is really being pushy today.

While Mommy was going for some food, Kristine saw her own reflection

It was tiring for us because everyone had different level of
hunger on that day. So we went to at least three food courts

Kaelynn was happy. Very happy indeed.
(I must control her sugar intake from now)

Mid-Valley's The Garden

Today, we decided to go to Mid-Valley and have a looksee on "The Garden". We figured that since it is Hari Raya, there would not be so much people there. Boy, we were wrong again, as usual. Cars from everywhere, some even from Singapore were all jamming in the parking lots, looking for empty spaces. And in the new Wing, it was even worse because there seemed to be some water leakage problems. So, by the time we found a space, it was already past the 30 minute mark.

There was not much to see at the Garden mainly because we spent most of our time in Megamall. We had to because of MacDonalds since Kristine is becoming choosy about her food. I was hoping to go into Robinsons but there was not enough time. However, going there is like Lot10 or Starhill. You'll have a lot of those exclusive shops which is great but for poor people like me, I felt so out of place. Ha ha ha ha

[top] The spot we had was flooded.
[middle] Even the roof was leaking and so, there were containers
[bottom] They quickly got some plants to cover up the fibreglass tank
so that people would not notice it much.

The stuff for Titott was quite nice. Eventually, when I
recovered myself, the more I look at it, the more it looks
like plastic.

In the end, we prefer to stay in Megamall

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