Its that empty feeling again

No wonder I couldn't pay for petrol the other day.
And I won't get more until next of next week. And
this means it will reach my hands the week after
that. Damn it all to heck.

When one is feeling better......

While I was working, my phone rang........

Wife: Nah, you talk to Daddy, la
Kristine: Dunwan
Wife: You want it, you talk to Daddy
Me: Hello, yes what is it?
Kristine: Daddy, Grandma say I not sick already.
Me: Good, good. (Keeping short and terse as I am really working here)
Kristine: I want Barbie Doll, Tea Set and Trolley for Weenie
Me: Hah? (Wah, after recovering from fever, want toys summore?)
Kristine: I want Barbie Doll, Tea Set and Trolley for Weenie.
Me: Which one you want? Barbie Doll, Tea Set or Trolley?
Kristine: I want Barbie Doll today, Tea Set tomorrow......
Me: No, you can only choose one. Which want you want?
Kristine: I wan tea set. Can you bring me to toy shop?
Me: Which toy shop?
Kristine: I dunno, Daddy, last time you bring me there one.
Me: Do you remember which one? JayaJusco? Toy r Us? Mid Valley?
Kristine: Dunno Daddy, upstairs got and downstairs also got.
Me: ........... OK, tell you what, you decide which toy you really want, then eat your dinner and I will come home and take you there.
Kristine: OK, bye, Daddy.
Me: Bye.

And so, after rushing home, we got them ready and headed for Bangsar Village's Toys r Us. I wanted to take her to Mid-Valley as there are more choices. (and also cheaper) But with the H1N1, we changed our minds. Also, I timed it exactly so that by the time we reached the place, it would be literally empty as most of the people there were breaking their fast. (heh) Less people means less chances of getting H1N1.

Oho! A new NERF toy!

Very similar to the Maverick but with modified
pumps in the front. Looks weird now.

And some new Iron Man toys. Judging by the looks
of it, must be form a new cartoon series.

Must be for kids because Tony Stark
looks so Manga-ish. And oh, you hang
the blue cannon thing on to the chest,
making it look like a giant dick.

And here is the Silver Centurion, which to me,
looks just like the armour above, which is bad.
For an inexperienced eye, the just look all the
same. But I would prefer if they stuck to the
original design just like Iron Man comic when
he fought with Iron Monger (Obadiah Stane)

The Stealth Armour which Tony Stark
stopped wearing as it interferes with
his nervous system. Unfortunately, it
just look like a repaint of the same
armou (its not, though)

Some villains for Iron Man. The most
dangerous of all, The Mandarin. Bah!
This freak looks like a cross between
2000AD's Nemesis and a Samurai. Oh
where are his ten rings? Where?

Personally, I prefer the him from the
comics and not this hunk of metal.

After almost an hour in there, Kristine finally got
what she wanted. Mommy was also looking at
some other toys, which we called Janga but they
are for then they girls grow up a little bit more.

Then its time to test the alphabet pasta.

As you can see, Kristine is almost fully cured
as she is starting to have that naughty look.
Yeah, she used the stick to poke at the baby
bottle's teat.

First tasting of the alphabet soup

Erm, I think we better improve on the soup....

Finally, after dinner and bath, its time to
open the toy! (Toy. Singular. Not toys)

I hope she's happy as this toy costs RM39.90, which
I sincerely believe it could be half the price elsewhere.
I mean, the logos are stickers, for goodness sake.

Kristine being authorative

Which made Kaelynn mad and she ran up and down
the mattress to disrupt Kristine's tea set everytime
she set them up again.

Moments before I kick them off to bed....