CCTV Project

By tomorrow, we should be clear of all projects and be ready to start on the next. We were lucky to get this project as we did a good job for our customer a few months ago. So now, they reccomended us to this High-rise condo to check, repair and maintain CCTVs. There is one CCTV per floor and not counting others at the roof, parking lots and even the surroundings. So, after a nice briefing tomorrow, we should start the project and hope to reach 80% completion by Thursday.

This is the roof of the building. Everything has rotted

And I mean rotted. I was very careful in going through
the platform to take more photos.

If I had a polariser filter,
you can see the pool is
full of green algae

Someone took the CCTV away, leaving the enclosure

This is their telephone room. Whatever you do, do not
step on the flat copper cable when it is raining. Yes, its
the cable to the earthing rod for telephones

The end of a project

Finally, after two weeks, my team has finished another project. I did not meddle in this one and therefore, let my technicians handled it. Today was the last day and everything is working fine. Until that is, the customer called and said that we need to return to complete the job as they claimed one of our DP boxes looked "used". This is not a good sign.

If we were to come back and replace that box, I will have no choice but to shut down some extensions. I am not going to wait for them to leave the office this time. If were not happy with the box, they should have voiced out before we started the job. I am going to chew my techs firs thing in the morning to see what the actual problem was.

When I was there, everything was fine and dandy. sheesh

No, not this DP Box but the
one downstairs which I did
not take pictures of

The FEDex man just came with good and bad news......

While I was away in Ipoh, Intersil sent me another sample. And this one, if I am not mistaken, is the IC for a high powered LED driver. But I am not shouing about it because....

Although the package is big

But the IC is small. This is just my pinkie for comparison.
I don't even know how to solder this since I do not have
an infra-red over or something like that