Scenes from a construction site.....

Man #1: I can't get this @#$%& machine to start
Man #2: Ha ha ha ha ha

Man #1: Here, you try it then!
Man #2: No problem. Here we go!..... Oh F&%@!

Making light of things

Searching for a place to hide

Everyone was pissed when he switched the electricity on and off.

"Oh S#!T!" (No, it was not our doing). Just that the
Bangladesh guy took so long to measure and cut the
hole for the exhaust fan, he forgot to look behind as
there was an air-con conduit there.

We lay da cables, man!
But me tech not up de roof

Me tech down dere, man.

The problems of screwing too hard

Measure the cables before you lay, OK?

This is the second time I have seen this Hygrograph in my life
This is a quartz precision version.

I rescued this calculator from the bin only to find out
that its not working as well as it should. Oh well, maybe
when I am free, I will gut it. Hee hee hee hee

System relocation

The time is here and by hook or by crook, this system will be switched off and relocated to the new office. We have been laying cables for the past 10 days and today is D-Day. Unfortunately, because of other customer committments, my team were rendered ineffective almost everyday. I need to split my team to cater between ongoing customers and cable project. For example, Team A will be pulling cables while team B will do service calls in the morning. Come afternoon, both teams might be pulling cables while I handle the rest of the service calls or the other team would change places. And not only that, since I am the only person who can drive the van, I have to be at the site every morning and evening to ferry the tools and raw material.

But by doing this, the cable job took longer than it should. And some customers are not happy as well since our "response time" was delayed. I should have written down the job schedule for them to follow but I did not and this caused a lot of problems in the planning side. Telling them verbally is not as effective. Anyway, as promised, we would be shutting the system down at six in the evening since Telekom informed the customer they will disconnect the incoming telephone lines at six as well. By following Telekom's schedule, we do not need to waste anytime connecting the incoming lines to normal phones for the night shift staff to use. Still, we decided to wait awhile before doing it as they might still be some staff doing last minute orders.

We have to do this because come tomorrow, Telekom would be reconnecting the lines at the new office and the PABX system and wiring must be ready or else the customer would not have anything to use. And not only that, we must be 90% complete on Saturday as if there are any emergency on Sunday, the shops would not be open. Not only that, I now have an assistant to help me and today is his first day, it is so unfortunate for him to be working past midnight. Ha ha ha ha

This 10-odd year old Toshiba system is still in good
condition. Once we clear the dirt and gunk, that is.

This is its new place, which is perfect
and once it is fully installed, we will
have to install an exhaust fan

Instructions from a box.....

While my technician was installing the 200-pair junction box, I noticed the cardboard box which came with it has some instructions:
[Clockwise from top left]
1. Use the hook tool of your insertion tool to get rid of plaques

2. use the flat blade tool of your insertion tool to remove your false teeth

3. Never make obscene gestures when working

4. Do not remove your teeth this way

Guinea pig II

OK, althought in my heart I know its too good to be
true, but I would like to believe very much that my
wife made it. Its delicious!