Kristine is a Vampire Diva!!!

Its now 4:20 in the morning (Malaysian time) and for the past few days, Kristine has been sleeping like an Angel the whole day only to start her performance after mid-night till six in the morning. Just yesterday, I got off work early, finished my business so that I can catch up with Mr. Sandman.

Unfortunately, tonight, we got tickets to the whole front seats again.

So, its like routine now:

Wife, after BM feeding, supplements with Formula.
Kristine cries

Wife cradles, burps and conforts her.
Kristine cries

I woke up and comfort her
Kristine cries or calms down (usually)

Once she starts sleeping, I put her in the cot.
Kristine cries

I check her nappy for poo-poo and change them
Kristine calms down and then cries

I gave her back to Wife for more BF
Kristine enjoys the meal and then cries.

Mom wakes up, kidnaps Kristine away
I miss my Kristine and I cry