24082011 Trip to KK

Yet, another trip but this time, there is a real purpose. Someone is giving us some furniture as their new place already has them. And not only that, the lorry will be coming as well. Still those are not as important as...

..this. One of the SIL has baked some potatoes
which has been garnished with a secret recipe
of 3 herbs and spices.

In the meantime, the girls are exploring the
place for one last time.

After much driving and waiting, the new furniture
arrived and the girls were very eager to help move
them into the house. Or else its cane time

Number of days without incident: 0 days

Number of days... oh,
never mind

Soon. Soon, if everything goes well,
this will be my work-room.

Kristine demonstrating how to eat a sandwich
the proper way.

You just nom-nom and nom-nom

Meanwhile, Kaelynn is on diet and so, its
two chocolates on bread...

Its a bit sparse but that's the way I like it.

Dinner time and guess what we're having?
Just for that, I am prepared to sleep on the
couch. Yum-yum.

But Kristine was not too enthusiastic about it.
Maybe it was the fact that it took quite some
time for our orders to arrive since this place
was very busy. And noisy too.

You can tell how long it took by
looking at the glass of orange
juice. Its starting to separate
back into orange juice, and
sugar water

I am starting to appreciate steamed fish
(because they go well with garlic & soy sauce)

Some deep fried prawns which I avoid
(because they don't go well with garlic & soy sauce)

Everyday, I find that I am eating more greens
but that does not make me a vege-lover.

Incredible Bulk was here

Jeezuz, man. I know this is a solid chair and
its from Ikea and all. But this is the second
chair that was broken! The first was due to
the bolts snapping in half which can be, well,
repaired but this one takes the cake. Stop
being so fat, and sit properly la, woi!