My new office Part I

So, as you al know, my new office is still at Ground Floor but this time, its being renovated to house some staff as well. However, despite having my very own office (again), I do not feel so secure as the both the office doors located at the front and back, is easily accessible to everyone. So, this means, its easy to take stuff away if the person wants to, that is.

This is the side wall which will be modified as a side entrance

This is how it looked at the end of the day

One of the partitions with a broken plaster board

OK, the texture is nice, like a small canyon

The wheel

This is one of those incidents where I was too busy looking and also too fast for my camera to start up and take pictures.

I was driving along Jalan Kuching on my way to the Office when I saw something weird. There was a large object near a lorry. The lorry's rear left tyre has broken loose. It rolled along side of the lorry where the driver tried to knock it towards the direction of the road shoulder.

Unfortunately, he failed and after bumping to the lorry's side, it bounced towards the middle of the road to where I was. So, I sped up and from my rear view mirror, it went all the way to the right side of the three lane road. Some cars did slow down to avoid the tire and I hoped they did not have an accident as the cars were quite closed to each other.

I was so busy laughing that by the time I got back control of my car and activated the camera, it was too far to take pictures.

Someone get me a new camera, please.