Nokia Betalabs Photo Browser

This is a very nice app for the Nokia 5800 from Nokia Beta Labs. However, because its still in Beta stage (about to be released soon) there are a lot of things to iron out. But for those who aer using the Mozilla Firefox, you can experience the same thing with Cooliris which is a plugin. I am not saying (at this stage) that it can replace the 5800's Gallery app as there are some things that needs to look into.

1) OK, so its a photo browser but I would like it to include videos as well.
2) The picture rendering is slow, averages to about 10 seconds before the picture is clear.
3) Sometimes I take the photos upside down, and maybe it can "re-straighten" it
4) Include the option to delete
5) Sideshow?

Plus points:
1) Like the way the picture wiggles when it reorients itself after you turn the phone around.
2) Magnifying glass is nice
3) The background wall of photos when you do a quick preview is amazing

Anyway, here is a video for you to have a looksee and you can download this from here