Fatal Assumption

"Never assume because it makes an ASS out of U and ME"

Yeah, that's my problem. I always take things for granted or assume things would be so.

"I'm sorry, you have to collect a few phones today" my colleague told me this morning. Well, its routine stuff to me because of our on-and-off JIT (Just in Time) method of keeping stock.

So, I ASSSUME, nothing would go wrong. Driving all the way from Kepong to Shah Alam, I did not foresee any problems except for the fact that almost all cars are having fun overtaking me, even at the 50kmh stretch.

So, by the time I arrived and got though Security, I discovered a lot of Murphy's Law followers:

1) My ex-colleagues saw me and took me for lunch at the Shops behind RECARO and THULE
2) In my excitement, I forgot my Notebook in the car, and we had to turn back
3) When we arrived, I forgot I left my wallet in the car too. No, we cannot turn back this time because we spent nearly 20 minutes looking for a parking spot.
4) When we got back, the Logistics people misplaced our company's purchase list.
5) When I saw the "few phones", it turned out to be 5 BIG boxes, which I wished I had bought a THULE roof-rack for my Satria
6) Squeezing all the phones into every nook and corner of the car took me an hour instead of minutes

So, the moral of the story is, you'd really have to ask in details when your friends tell you things casually. This is the first danger sign which always caught me off guard.