A second chance

As it was with a stroke of luck, I got the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper. This is the re-tooled version from Revell. I remember getting the original model so many years ago and I only went as fas as damaging the cockpit while trying to turn it transparent. Then news came that Revell is redoing the model kit but as soon as I wanted one, it was all sold out. Thanks to SFTPMS member cptan, I finally got one and I am very excited about it.

Apart from the viper, I also bought a Warrior MCV
Why, I also do not know. But I loved its tracks.

And the parts in the box of the Warrior MCV is
good enough for some kit-bashing. That is, if I
wanted to do it.

Anyway, let's have a look at the Viper kit
The first thing that strikes you is that the
decals for the model is more extensive if
you compared them to the old ones.

Next are the rear exhausts. In the original, it
was just three little bowls with lines. Here, it
has more details and more importantly, its
made for lighting. As for the front intake, it
is still the original but I just love that.

And ta-daa! Clear parts for the Viper!
A first in history! Ha ha ha ha!

Next, you have a pilot and a cockpit which
begs to be lit. Oh, do not worry about the
pilot's head as its just a neck where you
can position the head in any direction.
(Just as I told Bruce about this idea. to be
HonestI have not seen the Viper kit
before and this idea is just a coincidence.)

Although I have no pictures of the original
Viper cockpit, somehow, at the back of my
mind, there must be more detail to this.
Sp, Bruce, you coat it with silver, then black to make
sure the lights do not leak. Then the normal paints
and once done, just scrape off the part that needs
to be lit.

Trip to Pasar Road 07082010

Ah, another Saturday. Well, time for my trip to Pasar road. I won't way its a lovely trip this time because of two incidents with the car:

1- A car came out from a junction when I had the right of way. This forced me to horn and got me into a bad mood.

2-A mother and daughter 'chased' me and searched for my parking lot because they saw me going to my car. So, I quickly pull out to let them get in but got into the wrong gear which accidentally almost hit their side door. They were too shocked and the mother frowned at me. So I used my hand gesture to apologise but turned it the other way round which she assumed I was 'scolding' her. She horned and I was pissed. I want to reverse back into my slot to confront her but she blocked it and so, being a Gentleman in stress, I gave her the International one finger salute.

My hauls from Pasar Road. Not much
here since we need to concentrate in
reducing the credit card bills again.
This also means I have to be careful
with the components and not burn
them or start a fire......... ha ha ha ha

Bought a sheet of brown coloured 1mm foam
For what, I am not sure too. It feels nice but
fragile. Just folding or even scratching it, the
sheet is damaged.

Luckily, I had enough for Bruce's Rm85.00 wire
wrapping tool. Had to bargain them from RM106.

Brings me back to those University days