Going to Ikea

Well, nothing much exciting here today. Just a normal trip to Ikea, Lots of nice things but as usual, nothing that I need.

Except for these lamps, which looks quite nice. Imagine living in a large empty warehouse and only with this lamp hanging just 2 feet above ground in one corner...

The usual sleepers

I know Ikea is huge but this is tiring...

The day after the Freezer Satay

Hello again. Guess what? Today is the 23rd of the month which is nothing special. But there is one thing I need to tell you, which is that today, is the day after yesterday.

And there are some leftover satay sauce along with some of my remaining special sardine mix.

What better to enjoy this feast with some slices of bread. Yeah!

 But honestly, I would avoid the last satay stick. By the looks of it, its as if there was a fight to the Death for this last stick of satay.