Drawing Evolution

As Kristine grows older, you can actually see some of her developments. For example, a year before, all her drawings of people are actually triangles with round faces. But now, its evolving...

When I asked her, did she copy the drawings from
anywhere, she replied, "No".

What a stark difference. And at her age, my drawings
were not even that detailed.

Compare this to her original drawing more than two
years ago.

And this is Kaelynn with her Musical Notes.
Something about tadpoles and other things,
which I did not take notice.


The other day, I saw one of my colleagues with a bag of crisps. On closer look it has a new flavour which I was not aware of. Normal crisps would have TOMATOES, BBQ, Prawn and so on. But this one is a new flavour for me. So, for the next few days, I decided to get one if I can.

Finally, I got it! Of all the places, it was at
a Petrol Station.

Just look at the flavour's banner
Sweet Thai Chilli!

And so, I wonder, is it the same flavour as THE Thai Chilli sauce which we always buy? Or, is it something else? So, in order to test this out, I got a small bag of fries from MacDonald's (after telling them not to put in the salt, of course) and went home to test them out. At first, the first bite did not taste anything like the McD's fries dipped in the Thai Chili sauce. Because it tasted like some weird BBQ and Chili flavour. So, I got the girls to test them out, by not telling them it has chilli, of course...

And so, each one has to taste the fries first...

Then they switched to the crisps and tasted again...

While Kristine prefers the crisps

And Kelynn prefers the McD fries. with a miniscule
amount of Thai Chili sauce, of course.

And in conclusion? I prefer to have my can of Coke in the toilet.

Myvi LED Keychain

While I was at Rawang seeing a customer, I got this little key-chain. I don't know what made me do it but at that time, it was a good idea. Anyway, after sometime, I got not only 4 but 1 due to some technical glitch. And after looking at it, I was glad it was the only one. Ha ha ha ha.

So, this is the so-called infamous and rare Myvi
LED light key-chain.

And well, I was hoping more of a light switch
to light up the LEDs. But this was not to be.

Because, underneath was just a SLIDE switch instead
of the normal push-button. So, this cannot be a key-
chain anymore because if you put it in your pockets,
other stuff in there will cause the switch to turn on.
The people will look at the glowing bulge in your
pants/blouse/bum/ socks, head, etc.

OK, so, its easy to open too and the instructions
also teaches you how to replace the batteries.
That is, if you can find the batteries or just go
tear apart a ciggie lighter.

Now, here is one thing I would like to theorise. Look
at the faint lines on the bonnet and the roof. I think
the little car was created with the help of CAD. But
I could be wrong, though. Still, it does make sense
because the Myvi is only 'popular' in Malaysia and
you still do not see any plastic model kits for them
either, only the 1:32 scale die-cast toy car....

Is Vee-chai on diet?

I am not sure if this is true. Last week, I filled the tank
with RM50 worth of petrol (26.3 litres) and it showed
a full tank. Now, with just only two bars left, the mileage
is unbelievable. Then again, for the last two days, I was
on the Highway, which does not use much petrol. Yes,
its that time again, to wipe the dust off the screen...

Heck, while I was so excited, I accidentally pumped in RM50 worth of Ron97 (20 Litres) instead of the usual Ron95 (26.3 litres).