New Bluetooth

So, after a few weeks and near gravity related mishaps, I got another BlueTooth headset. My old Headset has already but the dust and although Angie tries to claim for warranty, I doubt she might succeed. Anyway I had my sight on the Jabra BT-800 for quite some time now but what stopped me was the price as it would have cost me about RM600 or so. But I am not sure now. There were news that Singapore was selling at S$170.

However, this time, luck was on my side because my brother-in-Law got one and found the hook too flimsy, decided to sell it to me. Suffice to say, I am quite delighted at this good news and also the price (Not posted to protect the Wallets of the Innocent)

Anyway, today is the first day I am trying it out and so far, so good as the voice clarity is there. But I still have problems with Voice dialing.

A big package for a small headset

It has a blue LCD which has callerID and also other menus

The jog dial for volume and the unmistakeable blinking blue LED

Burger King's Star Wars Promo

Pretty soon, in just a few more days, all Hell will break loose where nerds would come out in force. Yes, the last installment of the Star Wars Saga, Revenge of the Sith is coming. By chance, we happened upon Burger King this morning for our brunch with Bangkokboi for some business. As soon as I saw the posters, I really had to go in, out of curiousity's sake, because this usually means toys!

So, for kid's meal there were six toys to choose from every week from the Millenium Falcon to the C-3PO in pieces, a backward flip Yoda, to a wayward R2-D2 to sliashing lightsaber Darth Vader to a wraparound Chewbaca. Never mind these are the toys mean for Episodes 4 and upwards, I had to get some.

Because it was the first week, I got the Millenium Falcon. It has wheels underneath and when you roll it along, a bump in the hweel will cause the LED to light up. So, the faster you roll it.........

Darth Vader serving his revenge at the Star Wars Tennis Court.

The toy is slightly over 9cm long

Roll it and its butt lights up

Its using a red LED which if I have the time, change it to Blue

Curses! These screws I have do not!

The Shy Dick

Sometimes, when products from a foreign land lands on our shores, it can create a few excitement. Unfortunately, it can also create the opposite. So, I was at Guardian's when I saw this beautiful photo holder. I am not sure what it means because foreign stuff usually have funny names and this one is no exception.

There were other words incribed on other models such as "I love you" and so on but this one really takes the cake. Unfortunately, my application for purchase has been rejected by the Home Ministry.

Roughly translated, its Shy Dick.
And its Rm9.90

Vader Serves

Yeah, yeah, the excitement is upon us. But I just can't help thinking that Vader is playing tennis from the look sof this poster. Ha ha ha ha

Vader serves laser tennis


Damn! What a shy cock. Forgot where I took this with my Sony Ericsson T630. But I think its in Sungei Wang.