Whip me, Oh yeah, Oh Yeah

So, let me get this straight. A rendang got caught drinking beer and according to the Syariah Law, she must be punished. And so, she agreed to be whipped. But the boys who caught her are stumped because this is the first time a woman is going to be whipped. They do not want to whip her due to the negative publicity and gave excuses that the guy responsible for the whipping is "busy" and now its the Month of Ramadhan and so on. If they whip her, they are in deep doo-doo and if they do not whip her, the other party is in deep doo-doo. But she inists on being whipped. So, her Dad says she's not in her right mind. And the Prime Minister says she can appeal, which she adamantly does not want to. Then, oh, panic! Panic! All Muslims are now forbidden to handle, display and sell alcohol. So, 7-11 (in Selangor) starts to pull these poisonous liquid off the shelves. But lo and behold, a few days later, they're back on the shelves again......

And Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what they call flip-flops here, no relation to footwear. We have this, then the Moo-moo head, the Indian temple relocation. And I can't wait to use the mighty 2B pencil in two years time.

But what do I see here? The 7-11 is Klang is
fully stocked, enough to down a few elephants
I might say. And here they are, all plain to see

And then Whoa! Apple and Lychee flavoured Shandy!
Since when do they have this? I wanted so much to
get one and try it out. But then again, I am the driver
for the night and last I know, I am still allergic to any
thing more than 1% alcohol. Sigh

Doing the Ron, ron, ron.....

One day, it was Rm1.75. Now, its RM1.80
Same as RON97, which was RM1.80, then
RM2.00 and finally at RM2.05.

Why am I thinking of this song, I do not know