Marvel Heroclix

The Heroclix started quite some time ago and slowly, it should be gaining popularity by now. In fact, they have even included the game Halo into it, calling it the Actionclix series. Basically, what you do it to have some miniatures and play aturn by turn battle on a grid laid out. Sounds very familiar like those fantasy games such as warhammer 40K.

Unfortunately, the company, WizKids, has ceased production of all these 'clix series as of November 2008. But there is some good news. It could have found a buyer by March 2009. True or not, I am not sure. What really attracted me to this is due to the collectable miniatures, which I accidentally stumbled on it while I was browsing around for Iron Man. And so, after some searching on eBay, I got the Iron Man and The Punisher (which I should not have) for about less than USD 4.00, exclusing postage which, I think, was about USD1.50

And in less than three weeks, it arrived. The figures
are made out of some hard vinyl and not those normal
plastic as I expected. But then, maybe its logical as the
players would be moving them about which could bend
or break the figures if they were made from plastic or
the more traditional white metal.

Unfortunatelty, like all the mass painted miniatures,
the details are not exactly as I liked it to be. Still, of
the two, Iron Man is much better. And since I am not
interested about the game itself, the base where the
number dials are, can be removed if I wanted to.