Stuck in Kota Bahru Pt.2

So, after much arguing, crying, shoving, etc. my company allowed me to stay for another night. Unfortunately, the Hotel I was staying could not extend my stay as my room has been booked by another customer and they're fully booked. So, I had no choice but to go to the nearest (WiFi-ready) Hotel. Yeah, now I am updating this blog at their Lobby since there are no Wifi in my room.

For the rest of the day, I was alone rectifying the mistakes in the cabling, putting through the Direct Lines, programming the phones and what nots. The Main-con even agreed to send another guy to help me with the calbing at the insistence of my company. So, after 2030, everything is done save for Telekom's part where they will put through the remaining lines by tomorrow morning.

And I really have to leave this place by 11AM to travel all the way to Prai. Thank Goodness I have the Tuesday off after that. My Boss insisted I take it or else.

But I still do not understand why he insist I leave early as he does not want me to drive in the area after Grik after Sundown. He repeated that to me many times during our phone conversation today.

See what the naughty cable contractor did? This
is the wiring for one panel. The next panel, the
cables do not follow this sequence and neither
is the panel after that. So, from 85 cables, we
eliminated it to 34 and then, we still have to
go all over the place to locate and rewire these
fucking 34 panels.

Do you know how this guy tested the cables for me?
He just pressed the buttons on the phones I plugged
in and then told me they're not working. I had to show
him how to trace and rewire the cables in the correct
sequence. But I stopped at lending him my tools.
While he got distracted by the CCTV installation,
I let him be and continued my work as he was
really slowing me down a lot.

This is the uncle's shop. He is frying something (right)
while in th background, his son (I think) makes the drinks

My reward for the day? This time, I tried the
Kuey Teow (not so good), got a fish and
more fried chicken