There was this girl called Abby who helped me a lot once I did her a favour. She sort of encouraged me to go through my fears. The first time it happened was when I was dressed up in a Star Trek (Next Generation) costume as an extra. All I wanted was to sit in the Captain's Chair but did not have the courage. So, after much talk, I did it and with the regular casts, Marina Sirtis (Counsellor Troi), Brent Spiner (Data), LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) and Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher) giving a standing ovation. It was a great feeling but after that, I managed to get a glimpse of myself in a mirror and was shocked. I actually looked like the Chinese version of (damn, forgot his name. It will come back to me later) but with a thinner blond hair and a big bulding Judge Dredd chin.

After that, I got picked to participate in a reality makeover show where body building guys and sexy girls vied for the most attractive couple after their surgery makeover. Mine was just some chin job. And while we're rehearsing for the show, the part where we had to crouch in a dramatic (Spider-Man) fashion, I saw myself as the smallest participant and this time, my wet black hair was combed back and I saw myself as some angry, confident dancer (like some young Latino guy. Some chin job. Ha ha ha)

So, now, in New York, Abby wanted to race but by the time she got in, she was visibily pregnant (not by me). Since she was adamant to go ahead, the producers relented, and she get to bring her yellow Ford (a 4x4 Ranger) as her handicap. This reality program pits each contestant in a Marathon. All you had to do is run the route, whatever it takes.

So, at one point, she was crying at the side of the building because her 4x4 was almost out of fuel and refused to start. So, I pushed it to a small incline to let the remaining diesel flow into the engine and got it running again. By this time, the race was almost ending and we took turns driving. At one point, we almost missed at turn and so I/she did a tight left in an alley which resulted in the 4x4 doing a 360ยบ, landed and ran over a marshall. We later found out its legal since the race had a clause stating "by whatever means necessary). The alley leads to a building where we have to run from the basement carpark up to the top where the Finish Line is. By this time, other contestants were coming behind us thick and fast and some even brazenly used shortcuts since there were no Marshalls in the basement (with Lime Green Floor) (and maybe the injured Marshall was the ONLY Marshall?)

It was easy at first but getting a 4x4 through the stairs was a nightmare (I am not sure how but it kept shrinking and shrinking until...) we were at the top. By this time, the yellow 4x4 has compressed itself into a slippery green and heavy rectangle. We were at the small and narrow staircase, which sticks out from the walls and with no handrails. If you look down, you can see the dark basement about 40 floors at the bottom.

Just one more hurdle, which is to leap from the end of the stairs onto a ledge. With the Host encouraging us to go on, I was stuck. After throwing the green 4x4 to the Host, I was hesistant to jump because (by this time my hands were slippery and my legs were shaking) of my fear that I would hit the wall and fall down back to the basement. After much encouraging, my friend (who looks like Tobias Funke in Arrested Development but in his white Hawaiian shirt and beige Bermuda Shorts) was at the other side, ready to catch me and I decided to leap, shouting, "I have taken the Pill!"

I did not know what happened next but everyone shouted (which woke me up from the dream) and then the TV showed our score of 51.2 where we're either third or fourth.

Maybe I am watching too much TV due to the Holidays. And I still cannot understand what and why "I have taken the Pill!".

The Birth Control Pill?
The Matrix Pill?
The Pill of Unfearlessness?