Playing Flash Games

After successfully uploading the Star Trek Flash application onto my Nokia 5800, I decided to try more Flash applications. Unfortunately, one thing led to another and I found myself playing Flash games instead. Anyway, here are some of the ones I liked I have yet to try to get them downloaded since they're all using the PC's arrow keys.

This is Small Worlds by David Shute

Do not be fooled by the main screen.
Once you click on the BEGIN, it will
be a very exciting exercise for you.

You start off as some shotgun bullet bloke.
And so you use your arrow keys to go about
the map. The further you reveal the map,
the smaller the screen shrinks.

This is the screenshot of me almost finishing the
First level.

And so, there are four portals which you have to go to.

Once all four portals are complete, you find
yourself in the middle of what looks like a
Lift or some sort of transporter.

And that's it, really. I was a bit too slow
in capturing the ending. But if you like
the in-game music, you can get the MP3
download from here.

Its a very interesting game where as the robot
ball, you have to toll around to activate switches
and jump to get to the other levels. But because
its so slow, I just lost interest halfway. But the
inertia feature is quite a nice touch.

And this is Paint Blood where you shoot aliens
at the right direction and their blood will
splatter to make the walls visible. Kinda nice
but repetitive after a few levels. You just
have to collect some electronic cards, look
for the computer and you're free. Upgrades
such as shotguns, machine guns and incubators
(to father your own aliens, which you kill for the
walls to reveal themselves, of course)

Here, you interact with a lot of beings

And run and jump and climb
a lot

Then I got stuck here. The upturned
bowl levitates me. But because I was
stuck on the ceiling, I could not free
myself and because these games do
not allow you to save, I just left the
game alone since I progressed too far

This is Gateway by Anders Gustafsson
And its avery nice puzzle solving game.
You control the robot/man to solve the
puzzles in every room.

I was so happy he came out with Gateway II
which has a story and more puzzles.

This is Full Moon by Bart Bonte.
During a Full Moon, everything
is black and you need to help the
rabbit get what it wants.

Some of the puzzles are very imaginative
and quite hilarious. Here, I made an error
where the bigger bunny is too heavy for
the smaller bunny.

Yeah, took me almost half an hour to get here.

Again, from the same author, Factory Balls
is quite nice. I got stuck at Level 23 or so
as the ball design really got me.

Jacket Potatoes

Tonight, we're going to have a very nice dinner. In fact, we're going to have Jacket Potatoes! But making them was not so easy. I mean, I only know how to eat them but not make them. Still, with Wife instructing me, it will be easy peasy, I think.

In the UK, I used to have it one once a week in the Uni as the melted cheddar cheese were so delicious. When I came back home, I did try it once in a while at Oliver's Sandwiches but after that, I got over it since it was making me grow horizontally.

Once the potatoes have been pre-cooked,
it was time to wrap them in aluminum foils

"Yes, but you have to put the fillings in first", Wife
said. Its not easy to empty the potatoes with just
a spoon but since it was my first try..........
Usually, in UK, they just cut it to four segments,
put in the filling and then nuke it with microwave.

Finally, its ready to go into the oven
(I was so tempted to wrap them all up, though)

Half an hour later, they looked delicious!
Originally, it was supposed to be spicy
but we're not sure if the kids like the
potatoes in the first place.

Anyhow, Kaelynn loved it

And so did Kristine. Phew!