This is not how its supposed to be!!!!

Most of the times, when you have friends, you always think well of them and also wished that their lives are good. Anything bad that happens to them, you'd feel miserable and do your best to help them get out of it. Sometimes, there are things that are beyond help.

We were happily waiting for our Nasi Lemak and Pulut (something) when the call came. At first, she sounded cheerful upon hearing of our Baby's schedule. Then, my friend of seven years hit me with the bad news. It was so bad that even a ton of bricks (felt like feathers) were nothing compared to her bombshell.

After more than four years of marital bliss, they have separated. This is their second month.

I have not heard of his side of the story but coming from her, it seems that this their third incident and this time, there is no turning back. I know the couples quite well and both are have strong opinions on how things are to be done. Her one and only wish was to have a good family. She worked hard to ensure everything at home is well taken care of, so that he can come back to a nice home everyday. She even helped manage the Video shop (before it was sold off) and even tried to be a good Christian Wife. Then again, maybe she tried too hard.

For him, I also know him well, (but not anymore, as people change) in the sense that he must have total control in everything, his Will obediently followed and no talk-backs. Also, he loves new things, which he can/must have and then throw it away once it becomes too troublesome or "noisy" to maintain. I rememeber him telling me how hard and dedicated he was, in pursuing her, how she was the only one meant for him. Now, it all comes to nothing, but mere words.

There were signs which she chose to ignore (due to her trust on him) but in the end, it cannot be helped once she saw the competitor. She spoke a lot but I was shocked at the episode that involved a beer bottle.

Who was right or wrong does not matter anymore. One thing for certain is that the biggest losers of this Love Story gone sour, are their two children who does not even realise what has happened. And most of us thought that these are the kinds of things that only happen to Western countries and movies.

When the time is right, I know he will tell me the side of his story...........sigh.

What a year, first, I resigned (under the excited advise of my Brother-in-Law who then kicked me out of his company), then I had a friend who died in a road accident, another who separated due to a non-commital husband and now this.