The Day Before (or that itchy feeling.....)

Man, there is something wrong with me here. I started to get very itchy in the evening, just after our belated Department meeting. Even my eyes were not spared. And so, by the time I got home, I was very very bad. Bumps were popping up and some were even forming into larger chunks. Remember those cheese covered buns/bread? That is how it looked like, on my skin. And the area between the buttocks and thigh was even worse. It was as if the fat under it had turned solid.

And so, this time, my Wife did not chase me with some cream but more or less, persuaded me to take them. With no other choice, I relented. (At this point in time, we did not think about visiting the Doctor as I was too worried about the Penang trip tomorrow. I am the main guy who can attach the interface cards to the system)

And just to make sure its not contagious, I decided to sleep in my sister's room.

The red rash were very very red, as if the blood vessels
under it had burst. And the skin feels hot, agitated and
had the surface like the roads of Sg. Buloh.

This is the stomach area. You can see
the reddish rash, that I supposed, was
caused by the skin's reaction to the
sweat accumulated inside the uniform.

I was literally covered with Calamine Lotion.
Something which I hated but them I realised
its very cooling. Added with the air-con in the
room, I felt better. But the itch was still there
even at four in the morning. Sigh. I only got
less than two hours of sleep. No way I can get
to concentrate on the five hour drive coming up