Blowing Baloons II

And so, with the broken pump, the girls did as much pumping as they could but to no avail. All those small balloons waiting to be inflated. . . . .

Kristine showing Kaelynn how to pump the balloon

This was the only balloon that the pump managed to
inflate before going bust.

You wan to know why they're both
playing with the balloon?

Here's why. Some smart aleck
now knows how to aim high

But the darts are brand new and ori. So it
would take days to come off. Ha ha ha ha

So, now you know why. This is
the last few shots before she
destroys the only balloon

Superhero is here!

And here is the Superhero!
(I know, its Superheroine but
she calls herself that)

This is the first and last appearance of
the Superhero before being beaten by
the villainous Orange Rubber Girl

The Art of posting

This is so weird. The Longshot's been packed, ready to be posted. Then someone needed a Maverick which means I would have to re-open the package. Then I realised that the box is too small and I have to find another box. So, now, I have to wrap two packages to be sent.

So, the first thing is to get some wrapping paper since newspapers are deemed too fragile. And "Happy Birthday" wrapping papers are a dead giveaway. Anyway, once I got the paper, I have to find the cellophane tape. And once I found the cellophane tape, I have to find a nice big fat pen. In other words, I needed a marker. Which is not easy to come by since the girls have wasted them and I am not going to drive all 400metres just to get a RM2.50 marker. And I don't have Rm2.50 too.

And so, I had to beg my Wife to nick one at her place of work since my Office is full of Whiteboard markers which I was afraid they would come-off midway through delivery or weeks later, depending on how you see the timing of the Malaysia Postal Service. Once I got the marker, I have to find the address. I cannot look it up from my Nokia 5800 as the screen has gone crazy.

After everything is done, I forgot about the cash. To cut a long story short, by the time everything is ready, I am too beat. I mean, I used up five days to prepare two packages which could be ready (depending on my mood and time) in one evening.

Then I realised, the wrapping paper's inside out.......

Sleeping babes

When I came back home, it was already quite late in
the evening. As the house was very quiet, I know the
girls are either occupied with the Astro TV or sleeping.
As it was already past eight, Wife told me to wake them
up. I quickly took a picture of them sleeping because
this is the first time I saw them sleeping together, with
no animosity. Then Wife pointed out both of them were
wearing green and once the blanket was pulled, I reshot.

Blowing baloons

After pestering me for days, I finally relented and got a balloon pump for Kristine. Unfortunately, the pump only managed to get at one balloon before it started leaking. Wasted my RM3.90. I had to buy one because the original pump we had years ago went missing. And it was a very good pump too, but at twice the price.

Daddy, can you blow this balloon for me?
(After much huffing, I almost puffed my lungs and brains out) What the......?
Daddy, you cannot do it, ah?
This is difficult, la. Almost blew my head out.

You got no air, whole family got no air......