The wig

Actually, she still wears the jacket
as if it was her long hair. Now, she
tried to tie it like a ponytail. Oh,
these are their latest pose when in
front of the camera. And Kaelynn?
Well, she is wearing her dress lor.

Looking cute

Here we are again, Kristine wearing
her jacket to represent her long hair
and the red skirt which Mommy did
not want her to wear until she's 10.
Kaelynn wearing her favourite piece
as well, although she's growing out
of it. So cute and I can't scold them

Get ready.........

OK, its raining and I am stuck in the office. So, for the last thirty minutes, I have updated as much posts as I can. Right now, there are about 27 posts in draft with about a minimum of 10 more to go. So, here are some........