Going to the Playground

Came home a bit early today. And so, wife shooed us out to the playground. Although I was dead tired, I have to do my job as a Father. After a change of clothes, and with my Nikon D50, the three of us went to the playground for a bit of exercise......

Kristine wanted me to push the swing higher just like
the boy next to her. But I did not want to do it mainly
because of how she sits on the swing. Meanwhile,
Kaelynn was distracted by a bunch of teenage girls.....

So, OK, she thinks this is a bit too short for her now.
Then again, she is a growing child after all. In the
end, this is her own solution to the problem.....

Then it was Kaelynn's turn which she fully whacked
the poor thing. I think by now, if there were any
broken equipment on the playground, everyone
would start to suspect them........ Ha ha ha ha!

Later on, they migrated to the slides were a slightly spoilt
kid was trying to bully them since he had a servant on his
side. Here, he was trying to block the girls from coming out

But they ganged up on him later when it was his turn.
Luckily, the servant pulled him away before we men

Yeah, they'd think the slide now belongs to them. If they're
alone or not speaking to each other, its easy to pick on
them. But once they're good buddies, nothing in the
World can stop them.

I don't even have anything to say about this shot.
Words fail me.

And one final stunt before going home.......