Coming back from the Doctors

I was late coming back this evening and so, everyone had taken Kristine to see a Doctor. By the time they came back more than two hours later, guess who was the happiest person in the car?

Yeah, its none other than Kaelynn as she gets
to enjoy a Kit Kat ice-cream and also making
fun at Kristine, running and shouting all over

But poor, poor Kristine, she look and felt
very exhausted. So I carried her to the
lobby for her to rest a bit before dinner

Even the TV was of no help as she
was so sick that she's really not in
the mood for anything. She's also
not very happy when we went anal
on her when it came to medication

As of late, I have also banned the
girls from entering Mom's room
as they are now really addicted
to the Cartoon channels.

Blowout on the way to Seremban

Maybe its because it was a hot day. Or maybe, there was something wrong with the tire. Or maybe, its just my luck. I was on the way to Seremban from Meru, Klang. Before embarking on the journey, I stopped by to fill petrol at the Petronas Station in Setia Alam or something. And while I was there, I decided to top up some air in the tires.

And that's when I noticed the rear left tire has not much air. Which is normal because it has been misbehaving itself months ago. And so, after that, I continued my journey. I took the route from Plus towards KLIA and just right after the Subang exit, I felt the car wobbling at the rear. I seconds before, I did not notice much since I was listening to some MP3's from my Nokia 5800 via headphones. Maybe its my imagination, but I think there was a pop or small explosion. I quickly switched lanes from right to the emergency lane. And so, caused two cars on my left to swerve and hit each other, with three more unable to stop in time and crashing into them.


By the time I came out, the burnt rubber (from Korea)
smell was terrible. Its smelt worst than salted fish. And
so, the whole tire disintegrated. And the rim is very very
hot. You can't see it but the inner wall has collapsed.

While I was changing tires, the PLUS RONDA guy came
and helped me. Luckily, he was wearing gloves and the
hot rims were not a problem to him. He did advise me
to get to the nearest tire shop though. But I did not
want to as I am already late for my appointment. Also,
I do not have the cash to get a new tire as my Salary's
not in yet. Yes, I can claim but someone has to cough
up the cash in the first place, right?

There was a lot of these black rubber dust around the
tires and as I moved them to the car boot, it was all
over the place.

All the way to Seremban, I was worried the heat from
the rims might heat up the petrol tank or the NGV
tank. But since this car does not use NGV, I had one
thing less to worry about. So, I came all the way to
trains someone how to use the DVR and also checked
why certain area was not recorded. Tampering, la.

And this is the Panic Room in case
you offended the Chef during lunch.
Oh, Ok. I've never seen a cold room
before. And a newly constructed one
too. You can put in a big subwoofer
and play tribut to Micheal Jackson
in there and no one would know.
Even when you're banging on the
door and suffocating inside there.

Fooling Kaelynn.....

With Kristine sick in the other room, Kaelynn was very quiet. Luckily, she was more interested in my Nokia 5800 than anything else. And while she was engrossed with it, I decided to play a trick on her.....

Shoom..... shomm......vheeeeeww
Kaelynn was playng that car game

Quick! Quick! The mattress is falling!

Push! Girl, push!

Ergh! I cannot push, Daddy!


After I laughed, I showed Kaelynn why it will never fall because one edge is stuck near the cupboard. Well, she did not laugh or cry.......... heh.