The state of mind

Just like the picture below, this is the state of my mind. Outside, its full of life and everything is hunky dory. Inside, well, its empty. From the last few posts, you'd already guessed I am going nuts. Ha ha ha ha!

Kaelynn and the hat

Kaelynn found a hat today and was very interested in it. Previously, when I got her to wear one, she refused. So, with my camera, she was encouraged to wear the hat so that she could see how it was photographed on the Nikon D50's LCD screen.

This is Kaelynn with the hat

And its a very big hat. Whatever poses she did, it was still too big.
After playing with it, she got bored

Very very bored. I would say, it lasted about 80 seconds

Minutes before

Wow. Must take picture!
Is that your Hobby? You take your camera everywhere?
No lar, I just like taking photos
There must be a reason you take photos, right?
Yeah,memory cards are cheap
So, what is it? Haze? Someone burning?
Yeah, maybe it looks like haze but its a bit different.......

15 minutes later, as I was walking to my car, it rained. Heavily.

How to make a Dungeon

You have to do this very quickly. Wait until all the workers
have gone home and then use their equipment to make a
rectangular hole. Build some stairs as well. While waiting
for the cement to dry, you can start on other areas.

Here is a good example, where there are now two dungeon
access. By the time you have built the second stairs, the
first one would be ready. Now, this is a good time to plan
on the size of the dungeon underneath. But if you're going
to make a maze, it woulld be impossible to complete it in
the morning. So, that is where the time displacement
device would come in handy. Set it to slow time to 100
years per second. But make sure you take your anti-
aging pill before activating the device. This method
would let you make a very detailed dunegon in less
than 6 seconds. Oh, getting some labourers would
help a lot too.

Once it is complete, create some fatal disease such as the
bubonic plaque and the autorities would seal off the are
for a very long time. This would then give you more time
to create a good dungeon and locate exotic monsters. By
then, you could charge a small fortune for those hardcore
painball fanatics to enjoy the ultimate D&D adventure

What tea again?

OK, there is nothing better than eating sambal petai with rice. In fact, this is the best way to enjoy them. Forget about eating it raw, steamed, juiced, powdered or even stewed. And now, jsut as I was stuck in a traffic jam, I saw it. A new way to consume it. Unfortunately, I could not stop the car in the middle of the road to ask the driver for more details.

Unlike Blue Pepsi, petai is a very good indicator (for me) to show that it has gone from your stomach to the kidneys to your pee-pee. Because after eating it, when you pee or shit, the smell would tell you a lot. Ok, so I don't know if they're good for you or not but I just like eating them. Unfortunately, they're expensive and if you do eat outside, they would split the petai in half to save cost.

Was there something wrong with my eyes?

Here it is again. Petai root tea!
Does it really exist and how does it taste?