Eating Dragon fruits

Both girls love eating Dragon fruits, especially the red ones. And these fruits have a lot of liquid in them. As for me, I prefer to have the fruits in canned versions. Maybe I have not tasted the 'actual' Dragon fruit since the first one I tasted reminded me of something gross.

Krsitine with her new natural organic lisptick

And so did Kaelynn

The Bangsar River

Today is one of those difficult days. I was stuck for more than two hours due to the heavy rain. After seeing my last customer, it was time for me to go home as seeing the dark clouds means heavy rain that could come in minutes. Heavy rain that I would prefer to be indoors.

And so, every driver also had the same idea. Since I was in Jalan Pahang, there were only three routes for me to reach home. One was the PWTC turn-off to Kepong which allows me to use the back way towards Jalan Damansara. Unfortunately, it was clogged.

The other way was the turn-off near at Jalan Duta just after the Parliament. But this was clogged up as well. And so, the last route was through Jalan Bangsar which was surpirsingly clear. By now, the rain has started.

And within minutes, it changed from a slow drizzle to buckets and anymore, I can start to look out for cats & dogs. By this time, I was just at the flyover turning into Jalan Bangsar. Things were not good because by now, the whole stretch was quickly filled up with cars and morons cuting into lanes. Because my Satria's air-cond is not workng, my windows were misted all over and I had to keep wiping the windscreen every now and then. With the clouded windows and dark skies, I am effectively blind inside the car. And so, for more than two hours, I was in the car, slowly inching into Bangsar. And from there, I can witness the alrming buildup of the flood water on the road below. I was so bad, both sides of the traffic was kept to a crawl. By the time I came down from the ramp, most of the cars were apprehensive about continuing the new Bangsar River.

I had no choice but to continue, revving on first gear until I reached the Brickfields junction. And here, was the actual cause of the traffic jam which affects the opposite side of the road (going to KL). Traffic from Bangsar & Federal Highway merged with the traffic from Brickfields, etc and with the cops trying to "control" a non-moving traffic jam, it was a nightmare. Luckily, they waved me past and once cleared of the junction, the road to Bangsar was obscenely clear.

Sometimes, I wished I had taken up my Boss's offer to use his 4x4

The Road to Life

Sometimes, I do wonder, reflecting back on my Life, did I do things right and what would I have done if I had the chance to go back and do it again? After thinking much, the usual results are, I would like to go back as a Super-powered human and rearrange all reality to suit my fantasies.


But sometimes, during the journey, I do see a lot of
mishaps and depending on the situation, I could get
a lot of benefits from it. But I would feel guilty as it
involves taking the advantage of the victims