LCD Mirror

OK, the mirror has arrived. This is one of those LCD Monitor stuck behind a reflective plastic that doubles as a mirror. But when you reverse, it will turn the screen on and displays the signal fed from the CCTV camera located at the rear of the vehicle. Hopefully, no more kiss-kiss-bang-bang for the missus.

Only problem, I have to find the time to install it. Dang.

In less than two weeks, it arrived!

Its a big mirror and unfortunatel,y it not wide angle.
I had to sacrifice lunch for this one too. Ha ha ha ha!

Working smart and hard too

OK, this is the place where Education is a punch. We were asked for a system audit as the last person who maintained it did a very excellent job. Very excellent indeed. Settling politics aside, our main job is to just get capacity and programming up to date. Although we were given three days, I was only given one by my Boss with the other remaining two days to compile the report. And so, just to save some time, on my next trip here, I decided to get all the programming from the CPU.

Unlike the newer models, I cannot just stick in the memory card and have everything downloaded. No, this is the older Generation system where everything has to be copied down by hand and you have to manually do this. But the problem is, there are over 320 extensions and just going through each program is going to take hours. Hours which can be better spent to trace the hundreds of slots in the frame. And so, using a Serial card and a program, I used a makeshift solution to get all the necessary data in just a fraction of the time require. The problem lies in the fact that 80% of the extensions are Single-Line phones which are difficult to trace if they're active or not. And so, one must physically check them on every floor.

Anyway, I am just preparing because this job has not started yet. Ha ha ha.

There are more than 300 points that
needs to be traced, on all three blocks
and fifteen floors. It could take days!

And so, I "borrowed" the serial card from the Company,
run a program, and diverted the data into my Notebook
instead of a serial printer. 40 minutes and its done, in
the meantime, I could go on doing my work........

Chicken Soup for the Mushroom

When you go shopping, the one thing which really makes you go for a particular brand (when you're comparing brands, la) are the free gifts. Straight away, you'd think that the (ugly) tupperware would be very useful for storing food/sandwiches/rice/crap, etc. and by reflex, your hand would not just take one. Oh no, one is not enough. What if he or she or them wants some as well? Better take as much as you can.

And so, the aftermath is, me being one of the (un)fortunate victims, have to drink soup all the soup until its gone. The flavour is Mushroom chicken (hah?). Yeah, the "traditional" flavour was either Chicken or Mushroom. Now, its chicky fungi with crunchy bits.

But, all is not lost. What I'd do is, to mix half of the
soup with the daily oats. But now, I have to finish
all the oats and go for the rolled oats kind as the
current "3 in 1" is not sufficient, said the Doctor

Left is the chicy soupee and the rightee is da oatee

When I was small, I saw one of my relatives making
powdered Milo/Milk/Poison for me. What they did
was to put in a bit of hot water and mix, while at the
same time, crushes the chunky milk lumps. Here, I
am doing the same because drinking powered lumps
are not fun. No, Sir.

Once you have them mixed into a mushy pulp,
you then add the remaining hot water to dilute
the mixture. Oh, the croutons in this soup lasts
quite long. Even after 45 minutes, its still very
crunchy inside but soggy on the outside.
So, drink up to half the cup and then add more
water, and you have more soup.