Sapa makan cili.......

Let's face it. In this household, almost everyone likes to eat chili. I like chili. A lot. And I like to eat them as accompaniment to the dish. But I am not that crazy like those dipshits who like to boasts about eating them raw outright esp the green ones.

If I can turn back the clock, the first moron who boasts about that would get his face punched in.

Anyway, as far as I can remember, I have been eating chili since when I was small. And I do not have to go far as there were always a bottle of Lingam's or other chili sauce. But I cannot remember when I started mixing them. I would always be doing the ketchup/chili mix and the past few years, at MacDonalds, with black pepper as well. Heh.

When I was small, all I could remember was that I had a plate of curry chicken and a big cup next to it. My Mom would tell me that I would take a spoonful of the curry and then followed with big gulps of water. I did not discover pickled green chilies and the cili padi until I was in my Form 3. My Mom would pickle the green chilies where I would then sneak them out and use them as (the only) sandwich fillings.

And now, its the girl's turn..........

Kristine tasted Mommy's curry Maggi mee

And instantly went for her bottle of water.
Then Kaelynn saw her chance........

And while she had her fill, Krsitine was ready for her
second helping...... These girls are not giving up!

Yeah, Kaelynn also went for her water bottle.
Before that, she panicked and wiped her toungue
on the blue tablecloth.

Kristine's Birthday Bag

I am not sure where she got it
but she claims its a Birthday bag
from someone in her class.

Inside the bag was a box of crayons and an art book
which Kristine quickly used to draw her first picture

Although I did not ask her about the figures but they represent
the rest of the family. I am not sure who was the one with an
upset mouth. But here again, is the cat with the reversed "C"


Finally, after so many weeks, the nail is coming off. I think it was
the last knock at my Boss's desk or the frequent knocks by the
shoe's steel toe-cap in the afternoon which caused me to double
up in pain. When I was putting the girls to bed, the toe felt strange.
My toe looks so dry too, I don't want to use cream in case I slip....

So, the toe nail can open and close like those fighter plane
canopies. But if you look closer, the toe nail is in two parts
and it has nothing to do with the accident. It had been there
all along since I was in my teens

Anyway, the first (big) one came out with a sharp
tug but with the smaller bit, I had to fight to keep
my fear of bleeding again since this nail is really
stuck to the toe. Now its, out, I am not sure if I
just want throw it away or keep it. Maybe hide
it somewhere in one of my models or design....