Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 2010

Finally, I have the chance to view Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland sans 3D, thanks to Uncle Ho. Initially, when it was making its runs on the local cinema circuit, there were a lot of mixed reviews ranging from Disney's attempt into 3D, high expectations of Johnny Depp's performance which turned out to be a controlled and subdued Captain Jack Sparrow and too much CGI and wooden acting. And yes, the eventual comparison with Avatar. Blah blah blah.

First, lets get this right. One, this is Alice's second visit to Wonderland (Actually, its Underland) as an adult. Two, she is always haunted by the same Wonderland dream which leaves her tired and weird. Three, Wonderland has changed ever since the Red Queen took over.

So, this is not a sequel to any 'Alice' story, not even 'Through the looking glass'. Nor is it a re-imagining. Its not even close to a re-boot. This is just another Tim Burton's version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Once you get this fact right, everything makes sense.

But for once, I watched this movie with those in mind and just let it flow. Then I sort of understaood why it was like that. It is actually a story about finding who you are and all that. But for me, its actually something else. Its not a love story, though. More like a story of a long lost and loyal friend patiently waiting for that day when they will meet up. Despite his joy, there is also sadness for he knows they will be separated again.

But remember another very important fact; Disney had to make sure Tim's vision did not scare kids. And so, yes, a lot of plots and well, flow gave the feeling of incompleteness or too rushed. Because I seriously believe, if Tim Burton went all the way, this would be a classic. Then again, nowadays, its the kids to 'pays' the money.

Depp went the whole works dying his hair and
making his face pale and yellowing his eyes, all
trademarks of mercury poisoning which is very
prevalent for miliners in that era as they used
mercury to treat felt. Mad? In this movie, he is
the only sane person around.

I love this Cheshire Cat, voiced by Stephen Fry as
I really did imagine him to be when and if they ever
made Alice. I like it a lot when it appears and goes
away, 'evaporating' they called it. Oh, and those big,
big cute eyes.

And so, throughout the movie, I felt very sad. I felt as if Hatter, who is a great friend of Alice, waited so long for her return. He does everything to make sure she is safe and all. He helps her and even protects her. But he also knows, that eventually, she will be gone. Maybe its just me but every expression and move by Johnny Depp reflected this. Or maybe its because the Jabberwocky screwed everything up and gave everyone a bad day long ago.

After the movie, go and Wiki it and then, you will understand.

Still, I really enjoyed this movie and has nearly all of Tim Burton's trademark. I say nearly because it seemed as if he is being held back. To me, its a sad story.

And its much better than Avatar. Yeah, really. Its much better than Avatar since none of them smoked in this movie except for Absolem (Alan Rickman). Not only that, it really gave me the feeling that I wanted to be in 'there', to be in that World, just like when I saw 'The Dark Crystal' for the first time.

But not Avatar. I mean, the very idea of using your own USB port to for 'plug and play' from sex to hooking up with animals is a bit too surreal. Never mind if that World is wonderful and all, with big trees, weird monument and floating rocks.

Secrets of dirty keyboards

Oops. When I was digging my nose, the 'gold'
accidentally fell out from my fingers and went
into the keyboard. I am not going to turn it
upside-down because I tried that before and
there's a lot of unexplainable things coming
out from it. Here, there are three keyboards.
You have one out of three to be unlucky.......