Flying kite

While waiting for the tables to be ready and all, I decided to walk around the block. And when I turned the corner, the earlier "Pasar Malam" (malay for night market) which I thought was, in fact roadside stalls for the evening's event where everyone comes out to the park for a stroll. Yes, its a park. A park with a lake and a fountain.

Anyway, the first thing I saw were the kites which were being sold at the roadside. And just in front, was a big field where everyone tried their best to ... well... fly kites. Its a wonderful event as they come with their loved ones, their family and so on.

The kites in the sky. Luckily, there were no kite
fighting where some moron would come and cut
off the kites in the sky.

I cannot understand what the lady was saying but
she was really encouraging her kids to fly the kite
in a very excited manner, with her sweet, loud,
irritating, complaining voice.

Everyone loves to go fly kites even
when not being told to do so.

Kite flying is also a very sociable activity
sometimes, the true feeling is
revealed. When
the kite is up, you'll feel
some sort of achievement

After all the running and losing shoes, that is.

You can also experience first-hand what child abuse
is all about too.

Not only that, when you do it in a group...

No one would dare say your kite design sucks.

All in all, kite flying is one of those things you can
do to impress chicks while maximising your cash

I just like this one because it stood out in the sky

Here is something different. A remote controlled toy
car. The kid thinks he's driving with a bad steering...

I like this don't ask me why

At the end of the day, you would feel tired after
all that standing and shoutint to whoever was
holding the kite for you....

See the kite still flying at the top near the leaves?
I wanted to improve this shot by going nearer but
without having to buy one of the kites, so I just
shoot like this la. Ha ha ha ha ha

Pakcik saw me taking photos and gave me some
of his advices about taking photos so that I can
one day, open a gallery. So I quickly bought
some cups of water from him and ran.

Its already late in the evening and my hands are
shaking from holding the zoom lens while waiting
for the wind to blow....