Farnell no more

No that its no more but it has changed to Element14.
This so weird. First it was just Farnell. Then it was
Farnell-Newark and now this. I am not sure of the
History but it seems like its a weak competitor to
RS Catalogues. Unfortunately, over here, it does not
do much advertising either, except for RS.

To Sean

Hokay. Its three in the morning and I have just finished the Visor part of your circuit. My brain is still pretty much wired and so, whatever things I am posting now, might not make sense. Heck, I won't even remember what I posted come morning.

Anyway, yours is much simpler than his and so, its simple. But its not as simple as I thought since the "Human" element is now not possible. Why? Because there would be too much wiring behind the visor and you might not really see through. See?

So, now I do a Cylon, left to right to left on three dots, then left to right to left on one dot and it repeats. A special button will be there for you to light up all at once and only briefly because if you do this continuously will flat the AAA's. So, I am making the same battery pack as his and but, the button will be there. And so is the On/Off.

When you first switch on, it will flash five times before it starts to Cylon, OK?

Man, fours! Four hours! That's 240 minutes spent on
smoking soldering lead fumes. And you can't just
roll up your soldering iron and smoke it, man. Not
even an Steroid infused Aloe Vera lipbalm will
save you.