Trip to Putrajaya

Today is my first time to Putrajaya. Although I have heard of this place for years, but I have never thought of going there. Well, not in this lifetime, I guess.

And the best part is, I really do need the GPS to go there. What really made my day was that the Nokia's OVI Maps is quite decent now, compared to the Garmin XT which for the past few months, hang the phone a lot. I know my Nokia 5800 is cacat (going nuts) already and this did not help the situation.

Anyway, when I reached Putrajaya, all I can say was, "Wow"

Yeah, "Wow"

Its like you have just stumbled onto some rich bloke's private pool. But for the non-patriotic minds, they would be saying, "Whoa! What a perfect place for carpet bombing!". Every building belongs to a Ministry (or will be, when everyone moves in here) and when you enter each one of them, its like a Hotel. Which pretty much sums up everything in Putrajaya.

After meeting with the person, I decided to
have a look around and this is a very
interesting display of a crop which could
or, supplement the tobacco. Its called
kenaf. And its fibres are very useful.

For one, it can be made into consumer
grade cloth.

And this is a very environmentally friendly and
healthy product of the tobacco. Just as long as
you do not chew it, with glue, leaves and all ....

Products of rubber wood. I kind of like our
rubber wood because it is abundant and not
only that, its tropicalised to our weather. But
if you were to ask me about its characteristics,
I am not so sure except that it won't bounce
about if you throw it around...

Man, I am so tempted to take this bottle
home with me...

I forgot what it was but damn, its beautiful.

Also, the place was promoting cocoa too. And here is
one of the ways, which is to get you to buy the recipe
book which tells you how to incorporate them into
your favourite dish. Personally, I prefer them in
bite-size chocs.

Did you know that, in order to make those
chocolates with fillings, you need a mold?

Fried Butter Prawns with Cornflakes and Cocoa

Chocolate herbal Vegetable Rice

Cocoa Chick Pea Rice

See what I mean? There are places where you can sit
and relax, just like a Hotel except that there is no buffet

The road is wonderful. In fact, I am not surprised
if there are drag races here at night in the very
near future once the whole Rakyat knows about it