Gundam 1/100 ver. ka Core Booster

18082010 1816

Yes, this is my real mission. I have seen a new Gundam model kit, a ver. Ka Gundam-V Core Booster selling at RM99.90 at The Outpost Toys. And in the SFTPMS Forum, I declared that if, and if I do go back there in a week's time and if the model kit is still there, I would buy it.

And so, after seven days, and with you reading this blog and seeing the photo below, you would have guessed that it was still there. Yep.

Damn Outpost Toys for not selling their stuff to the unsuspecting public fast enough. Ha ha ha ha.

The V-Gundam is a series in the Gundam universe right after the Gundam Sentinels and F91, I think. But then again, I am not a serious Gundam fan nor will I ever be. I just like some of their designs. And so, in this V-Gundam series, you have the Core Booster plane thingy which is the actual unit of the whole Gundam mecha. The plane flies into the mecha's chest cavity through the back which also acts to integrate the arms and lower torso together. Anyway, as long as they do this before any fight, the survival rate would be much higher.

This is the model I got, the guy at the counter was kind
enough to give me a Gundam poster as 'free gift' too.

Back home, I pored through the assembly manual while
taking a dump (or making some Cadbury's if you like).
As I do not understand Japanese, I find it weird so see
this last picture. Two core boosters? Really?

So, it IS good and it IS true! You can make to Core
Fighters, each with a slightly different head and you
can put anyone of them into the Booster part. And,
best of all, (I think) you can transform and insert
the whole thing into the very latest 1/100 scale
ver. Ka V-Gundam model kit!

And they do not skimp on the parts either. Each
version of the head is complete with all its parts.

And there are two pilots. But for which version, I
have no idea. Damn. They're very small.

Not sure why the landing gears are in clear but
I think, if I were to use a white LED, the effect
is going to be very nice. However, the more I
think about it, I am not going to use them.

I like the yellow wing tip too but I was secretly
hoping for it to be in clear. So now, I have to
think up of another idea...........

And so, there you have it. A 1/100 ver. ka Gundam model. ver. ka means the re-imagined colour scheme and slight re-design of an existing Gundam unit by the famed mecha designer, Katoki Hajime. And as usual, I would most probably chuck it in my model stash until the electronic circuit is ready.....

I mean, just look at the console, which is less than 2mm x 2mm,
which is heck of a challenge to get the LED into that small area.
I mean, how can you make a small cavity with just a blade?

Tie @ Cineleisure

18082010 1706

This will be my second time to see the customer around The Curve area and so, there is something I must do once I finish my business there.

But before that, a light lunch was in order. Since I was
so nervous, I could not 'eat' properly. Since no one
had made a commercial version of onions and
sardine with mustard sandwich, I had to resort to
the 7-11's amazing RM1.00 bananas, some buns
and yep, a healthy can of diet coke. Oh, the humor.
Ha ha ha ha.

By the time I was finished, I was so relieved but
not satisfied since I could not get the order in my
hands yet, I decided to continue with my mission.
No, its nothing to do with this amazingly big TIE
fighter toy which costs a lot.

For its size, it can be considered as 'studio scale'. I
am tempted to get it but then again, the family
needs to eat and toys to buy too.

And so, what was my real mission? Stay tuned for the next post.... dum... dum.. dum-dum.....

The thumbdrive

18082010 1353 & 18082010 1857

While we were at Amcorp Mall, I bought a memory card reader at what I considered to be a great bargain at Rm9.00. They have three colours, namely pink, green and smoke. All three colours are transparent. But never mind, because for such price, it was too good to be true.

Alas, it was.

For you see, after using it once or twice, I noticed that there is something missing....

And so, I opened it up. Actually, I was itching to open
the cover and to my joy, it was never glued but uses
snap-on method.

Read the 6th line: LED Light clew read and writer state.
In other words, there is supposed to be a LED status in
there but there was none.

So, upon closer look, there the LED was supposed to be.....

Which is great because, now, I have the choice to choose
the colour of the LED! I wanted blue but because it will
cosume more power, I decided to use white.

And the size must be right as well.

After much trial and error, it in there!

Plug this into a USD port and........... voila!

And with the cover snapped back on, its wonderful!

And so, a 40sen LED improved the RM9.00 device. Which is not bad considering what might be RM15.00 or so, if it had a LED. hee hee hee

Not again!

[17082010 1311]

While the hard disk is 'recovering', I do see the occasional
errors and what nots. Sometimes the massage is heart-
stopping and sometimes, its just plain nerve wracking

Leather wrist

16082010 1148

Was at the Curve today, because I had to see a customer there. And so, I stopped by some shops after the appointment. And got a few things for the girls and myself. Which is more tattoos for Kristine and this time, she wants to share it with her class. If the teacher has no complains, I am OK. Its the parents that I am worried about, as they might be insinuating that Kristine would be setting bad examples, become the 'tai-kuai-taou' ,etc. But hey, at this age, they are so innocent that they won't even understand the stereotyping that a simple tattoo brings. So, if they complain, I would say, "Who cares? Its you who are telling thiem its wrong when to them, its a cool sticker that won't go away for 5 days."

So, RM.500 is either going to get me some
peace of mind or, lots of headaches.

While there, I had a more extended chat with the stall
owner and he punched tow more holes to my belt for
free. 3 months ago, I would needed a third hole. Now,
I only needed two and by the time its done, I only get
to use one. Boy, I am getting fat again.

Faux leather wrist strap for RM25.00 and no, he did
give me any discounts. Any friendlier and people'll
think I am gay. Anyway, its cheap stuff and I know it
will go bad when it soaks up my sweat. When I have
chance, I will protect it with multifilla's H2O. Always
wanted one when I was a kid reading comics where
it says on the back advert, you can be a strong guy
with that thing. Actually, its more of a psychology
thing to focus your mind with. OK, I am nuts.

And there is something else I bought. Something which I promised to get if it was still there on my second visit. Want to know what it was? Stay tuned for the next post....

HDD up again

12082010 10:46

Surprise! Surprise! The 'lost' data was available when I
took out my XP Pro HDD and connect it to a Vista PC.
So, I better back thing up now........... I will use what I
have at the moment, DVDs, thumbdrives, anything.

Stuck at Houz Depot

[11/08/2010 18:53]
What a day. I had to rush to see a customer in Chow Kit in the afternoon and by the time I was finished with them, I headed for the next one just about 2 kilometres away. No mean feat except that I plumb forgot that its now Fasting Month. Which means, all the roads heading away from KL after 430 in the afternoon will be jammed up. And so, it took me more than half an hour to crawl through at least 70 metres and so, I tried as much as I can to maneuvre my car to the nearest parking lot and walked for the rest of the way.

And by the time I finished, its beyond going back. And the road conditions had worsened to the point that the only way to get out of the city would be to use one of the Helicopter companies specialising in lifting vehicles away. Unfortunately, they do not exist yet and in light of the global oil prices, its going to be more expensive than eating 100 Big Macs. So, the only recourse a tired and(still) sane person would do is to hang around the shopping complexes without buying anything. I would like to say, "Window Shopping" but then again, "Windows" is a new IT term....

Then as I was walking towards Pertama Complex, I noticed a new DIY shop from the old Indian-Cinema-turned-bazaar-and then-turned-bust place. Later on, I found out that its Houz Depot. I know, I know, with their music system 'advertising' about Houz Depot, and asking us to go there, I did not occur to me that I am at Houz Depot. Blame it on the tiredness.

This fruit juicer could be the one we're looking for
as the grips were made of metal. And for this price,
it is very very affordable. However, the catch is, if
Houz Depot is selling this weird brand for almost
1/3 off the price, would there be something wrong?

A .rmvb plaver with the works. From Network
connectivity to Sd cards to HDMI. Why Not?
My wallet kept saying, "For what?" and it is
right. There is no reason for it as I am still
looking for a NAS instead.

Despite the nice lighting and all, the price for a
MR16 (Halogen type) LED lights are still too
expensive. Just a wall hanging metal base with
a goose neck is already RM79.00

Now, for RM3xxx, I do not mind having this type
of shower system. Reminds me when I was at the
U turning on all the showers and concentrating it
onto one spot, just like a car wash ..........

Another nice idea is the transparent wash basin

And the semi transparent bath tub. The one in front
is about RM5,000, I think while the one at the back
is, well, twice the amount.

At the end, tiredness set in and this was the
only thing that was on my mind the whole
time. For Rm49.00, you have a trolley and
a simple bag. Its a nice idea but once I had a
really good look, the bag is too small and just
as it was designed to, its fit for a wet market.
But that does not stop me from thinking and
modifying it to accept a larger case. Well, lets
see what next month's salary brings.....

And finally, dinner at Houz Depot. This is Nasi Paprik
which is fried rice in an egg wallet. On the good ones,
they actually wrap the rice all round, just like a wallet.
Here, they tried to pass it off by just covering the rice
but in a way you suspect it was wrapped instead.

And so, there I was, eating the rice while the rest waited for hte right time and also, watching the traffic go by on a deserted street. However, the street that I want to drive through, was still as packed as ever, making it look like those open-space-under-the-tree car park instead.

AliExpress goes B&W

Testing. Testing.

In memory of the landslide victims in Zhougu, AliExpress decorated their website in monochrome.