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18082010 1706

This will be my second time to see the customer around The Curve area and so, there is something I must do once I finish my business there.

But before that, a light lunch was in order. Since I was
so nervous, I could not 'eat' properly. Since no one
had made a commercial version of onions and
sardine with mustard sandwich, I had to resort to
the 7-11's amazing RM1.00 bananas, some buns
and yep, a healthy can of diet coke. Oh, the humor.
Ha ha ha ha.

By the time I was finished, I was so relieved but
not satisfied since I could not get the order in my
hands yet, I decided to continue with my mission.
No, its nothing to do with this amazingly big TIE
fighter toy which costs a lot.

For its size, it can be considered as 'studio scale'. I
am tempted to get it but then again, the family
needs to eat and toys to buy too.

And so, what was my real mission? Stay tuned for the next post.... dum... dum.. dum-dum.....

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