Getting a haircut

Well, its been more than 3 months since I had a haircut. My hair was so long, even the side-burns look more like amrpit hairs. This is because long hair (for me) will eat into the Gel, water and shampoo supply. I can save by leaving it long and not washing them for days. But then, I would be the reason why the whole neighbourhood is quarantined for a very long time. Either that, Scientists would be looking for me for new Lice species or mutations in my hair. So, I really really really have to pay a visit to the Hairdressers.

I can never undestand why they are called hairdressers since all they did was to wash your hair and make you look like a Mental Patient. But still, I loved mine. I mean who else would be locking their shop doors and hiding behind tinted glass?

Still a normal visit for me would be as follows:

1) Shampooing with massage
First, she would pour you a cup of Chinese Tea and puts in on the table, which is also a way of telling you where to sit so that you do not get whack by old aunties's handbags.

Once you are ready, she wets your hair with some fancy soap and water. Using her fingers, she would go through your hair so thoroughly that Lice would not even want to live there. At the same time, she would use her fingernails to gently massage the scalp and also parts of the head. This is the best part because by "scratching" my scalp from the front to the back, its very relaxing. This time, she is using a new shampoo/cream which made my whole head and shoulders (not the shampoo) feeling very cool indeed.

The feeling is like eating mint sweets and your tongue feels funny.

(Anyway, today she gave me an extra long massage since I did not visit them for 3 months)

2) Intermission
At this point, she will stop and remove all the soapy foam from your head by sweeping them from the sides of the head to the top with the palms of her hands. Suffice to say, this is the point where you wake up from your day-dreaming, only to see Ultraman staring back at you.

Oh, look! A fat Ultraman!

3) More Shampoo and Massage
Aaaaaahh, Life is good! Not only does she massage your head, she will also clean your ears a bit and also massage your neck and shoulders too. Either that or she has to complete some anger management exercise. Sometimes, I felt like a guenea pig because of the different massage techniques and shampoos used on me. Heh

4) Rinse
This is the part where she will rinse away all the shampoo and dead animals in the hair, dry them and get it ready for the slaugh.... er, cutting. Because of the new shampoo/cream I wanted to tell her to try with cold water instead of the usual warm water until I remembered what happens when you drink cold water immediately after the mint sweets. Heh

5) The Main Course
Her sister would then take over and start to cut your hair. Since I am a regular, she would just stick to the usual style, which is fine by me (since they all looked the same anyway). Once done, she will rinse away all the loose hair and also puts the sculpting gel to make sure it stays in that shape until I reach home.

All this for RM30. And I feel so stress-free after that..........................

Stupid proveb of the day:
"A coward has no gut feelings"

ISDN lines

Well, another day and I am back home eating a late lunch/dinner after leaving the customer's place at 11PM. I tell you, making sure all ISDN, DID and analogue lines ring (45 lines in total) at the correct extensions and re-diverting them is not funny at all.

This is what happened:
1) Customer is upgrading to a newer Phone system
2) They got a new ISDN line too
3) They want to maintain the 25 analogue lines until April and July, which 17 is used in the Phone System

This is not a problem until:
1) They need an Automated Attendant to annouce to their clients
2) Each extension must have a DID number
3) If they are busy, the call will automatically forward to another extension
4) Certain options in the Automated Attendant will connect their clients to Hong Kong
5) Their fax will be using ISDN lines too

And it got serious when:
1) They changed their minds on the operation
2) The forwarding goes to other departments
3) There is not enough slot for the Analogue lines since the System can only fit 8
4) In order to solve the above, we need to sacrifice a few extensions (ports)
5) In order to sacrifice the extensions, we need to relocate the existing ones to other slots
6) Then they changed their minds again
7) And again
8) And again
9) The decision is now at version 9.01A
10) Certain lines rings at different department and each can pick the calls with a button. Until we realise there were so many extension changes, we had to start from scratch.

Aiyoh. What a headache. But its done. So, on Wednesday, its time to test the system.

Update: 16.03.2005
They changed their minds again.
Then the test was a success
And they changed their minds again.

And I escaped with my Life by Lunch-time.

But on a bright side, I bumped into an old schoolmate while I was trying to look for food in a closed cafeteria.

The Fast and the Furious, on the cheap

Oh no! Hotweels have raised their toys by 10sen!!!!

Trust me. This is a mobile dog wash for dogs.

And yes, this car has a number plate of "6769"

Stupid proverb of the day:

You can fill a hungry man's stomach with food but you cannot fill a moron's brain with books