Little Ms. Engineer (Update VI)

Well, I am back from the Hospital and she is still there. Her contractions are every 5 minutes apart since 4AM this morning. So, there is no change.

Most of the day, we spend reading papers, flicking swtiches (OK, I was the one) which we're not supposed to, moving about and nodding our heads like those bobbing head toys when the Nurses advised/talked to us.

So, I got back, had an hour's' sleep and then after dinner, I am going back there again. But I am getting worried now as my right hand just suffered another Gout attack and I might not hold the baby real tight when she comes out.

It could be fun if I can spend the night there as I dun want her (to face this) alone

Little Ms. Engineer (Update V)

Ok, its now slightly after 4:30 in the morning and she is saying the contractions are nearly 5 minutes apart. Within 10 minutes, everyone has woken up and is now ready to go to the Hospital.