NERF Raider CS-35

Just popped by Toys r Us for a haircut and after that, I found myself in front of Toys R Us. (Well, let's cut short to the chase, shall we?). The NERF Raider CS-35 is being sold at a reduced price of RM109.90. I was so shocked that I bought one. Unfortunately, there were two conditions:

1. You do not need to be a Star member, just the coupon.
But the staff there said, I can get it straight away for the advertised price.

2. You can only buy the 'Blue' version at that price
And so, I had to put the 'yellow' version back since they cost RM159.90 instead

Alas, I only have enough for one. So, whoever's birthday falls on this month, tough luck.
So, why do I need one? The Raider is long, and it needs two hands to fire. I am not particularly fond of the 'slam fire' technique since in the middle of the excitement, there is a higher chance of firing in the wrong mode and destroy the mechanism inside, which, ultimately leads you to buying a new one.... duh...hey!

But seriously, there is one part in the Raider apart from the 35-dart Drum, which I need for my Barricade mod. So, now, I have the Raider and yes, you're right. Its going to the to-do bin. I think by the time I am 'free' to do this mod, I would be too old to run or play with it anymore...

The long way of enjoyment

As I come home from work, this is a oft too familiar sight a Parent would see. Sometimes, its a surprise view and sometimes, its a horror shock. But usually, at this age, its a view of wonderment.

But why, lah, use the powerpoint so far away? The nearest was 6 feet away onli...

Club Waja Limocab

Seriously? A Limo for Waja owners?

Sleeping position #248

The Bad Dreams b-gone stance