So, why do you Troop?

So, why to you Troop? You don't know what is Trooping? Trooping is where you lug your armour around in a big luggage, dress up with it, walk around and sweat in it while letting people make monkey faces and fondle you while breaking your stuff in the process.

So, why do you Troop?

You stand like a mannequin andlet people stuff you into big piecesof plastic that functions more likea portable sauna.

People challenge you on the size
of your wee-wee....

And you throw all your stuff about the place
when you lose

Heck, even everyone loses

But when you do go out there, its all worth it

Because you get the girls

Even if you poke around, acting your character

People will thank you for doing a good job,

And some will even try to give you gifts

Because not only do you get to be who
you are, you get to act out your character.

And best of all, the girls will be
waiting for you.

If you maintain proper personal hygiene,
everyone will want to help you.

It does not matter if you like doing
the Butt-dance alone

Or with a friend (The Sodom-dance).

If you like doing the thumb-me dance

Or the mutant rabbit dance,

No one will bat an eye because they know,
and you know,

The girls will still be there

And even when someone tells you that
they ran out of duct tape for your

And you thrash the place in anger, daring the duct tape to show up

You STILL get the girls

Some extra photos:This is one of the reasons why you cannot
stand still for too long. Or when Jawas are

Look. You're still too short to be
a Stormtrooper. So, go home and
eat more vegetables, OK?

Move along! Nothing to see here. Move along!
We don't need to see you papers and these are not the droids we're looking for!