Snack time

Me: Kaelynn, please go down to the kitchen and ask for some bowls.
Kaelynn: Why?
Me: I got a surprise for you.
Kaelynn: What?
Me: You get the bowl, and I'll show you.
Kaelynn: I want to see now.
Me: Cannot. You must get the bowl first.
Kaelynn: Dun wan
Me: Please?
Kaelynn: Dun waaaannnnnnnnn.
Me: OK, here is the surprise (Shows her the big bag of crispies)
Kaelynn: Wah.............. (and she starts to act lovey dovey)
Me: Now, go and get the bowl.
Kaelynn: Duuuuunnnnn wwwwwwwaaaaaaaannnnnnnn..........

Yeah, she held the bag tight, tight

Even Kristine couldn't get it off her

"Go get the bowl! Now!", 'No!"
"Now!", "No!"
"Please?", No!"

Eventually, I got Kristine to get the bowls and she got two; one for me and one for her. Seeing us opening the bag and enjoying the crispy fish, Kaelynn felt left out, "See? Told you go the the bowl but you don't want to. So you cannot eat them." And so, Kaelynn went downstairs and got the bowl in the end. But I made sure I poured more for her and even gave her my share.

Then, later, Mommy came in with more surprises

Yep, its Dragon fruits! But I ma not having
it. Reminds me too much like eating green
coloured rice and blue fried chicken

"So, you think you can get away without
washing your mouth, eh?

"Don't make fun of me, young girl"

"You cannot escape my mighty face towel"

That's right, Daddy's 18-steps Dragon
Cleans the Face stance! Bwahahahah!

The 3Terabyte DVR

When we first went into the CCTV arena, the biggest hard disk we ever handled was 500GB. But now, it starting to be very common for disks with Terabytes capacity. And so, after confirming with the customer, they sent us four 1Terabyte hard disks for us to install into their DVR system.

I was planning to install them on-site but because of my hectic schedule, it was nearly impossible. And so, just days before the hand-over, I found I had an extra hour as my techs took the load off my schedule.

Three 1Terabyte disks into this 16-channel DVR

Yes, its the same DVR with no DVD recorder. I shudder to
think how the customer will deal with the evidence in the
even of an incident. They can't export it out. Also, I still
have problems trying to get the images from the Network
too. And their Chinese vendor is not helpful, if at all.

Now, the remaining 1Terabyte hard disk will go
into this 4-channel DVR, again, from the same

Holding it with my hands, its quite light.
Which is not good news at all.

Opening up, I was disappointed. Yes, it could
accomodate the 1Terabyte SATA disk but
there is no proper power supply. Just an
external one.

And they way it was done, it looked as if it was
one of those electronics projects you can buy in
Pasar Road and build it yourself.

Still, its the customer's and not mine.
At least I get to test out my Mark II
CCTV Tester, which acts as a screen