Snack time

Me: Kaelynn, please go down to the kitchen and ask for some bowls.
Kaelynn: Why?
Me: I got a surprise for you.
Kaelynn: What?
Me: You get the bowl, and I'll show you.
Kaelynn: I want to see now.
Me: Cannot. You must get the bowl first.
Kaelynn: Dun wan
Me: Please?
Kaelynn: Dun waaaannnnnnnnn.
Me: OK, here is the surprise (Shows her the big bag of crispies)
Kaelynn: Wah.............. (and she starts to act lovey dovey)
Me: Now, go and get the bowl.
Kaelynn: Duuuuunnnnn wwwwwwwaaaaaaaannnnnnnn..........

Yeah, she held the bag tight, tight

Even Kristine couldn't get it off her

"Go get the bowl! Now!", 'No!"
"Now!", "No!"
"Please?", No!"

Eventually, I got Kristine to get the bowls and she got two; one for me and one for her. Seeing us opening the bag and enjoying the crispy fish, Kaelynn felt left out, "See? Told you go the the bowl but you don't want to. So you cannot eat them." And so, Kaelynn went downstairs and got the bowl in the end. But I made sure I poured more for her and even gave her my share.

Then, later, Mommy came in with more surprises

Yep, its Dragon fruits! But I ma not having
it. Reminds me too much like eating green
coloured rice and blue fried chicken

"So, you think you can get away without
washing your mouth, eh?

"Don't make fun of me, young girl"

"You cannot escape my mighty face towel"

That's right, Daddy's 18-steps Dragon
Cleans the Face stance! Bwahahahah!


me, myself + mIcHeLLe said...

this is really cute.
was just blog hopping and stumbled upon urs.

I enjoyed reading your blog.
keep the post coming and you know, you have 2 really beautiful girls =)

CFC said...

Thank you. Your blog is very nice too. Sometimes I wished I'd studied Art too as my dream at that time was into Industrial Design.

Still, being an Electronics Engineer is also kinda fun.

Keep it up!