Happy Birthday, Peter! 2010

For those who knows Peter Cheong, he is a very nice guy. In fact, he is so nice, all his friends would say, "He is a very nice guy."Anyway, there is a reason why I was so busy for the past two weeks. I was modifying his Playmates toy Phaser so that it would be ready before his birthday.

Because it was a rush, I had a lot of work cut out for me. This was because the original project was for the Star Trek Phaser Rifle which never got off the ground. Then it was adapted for Peter's toy. But because of the rarity of some LEDs, it was not easy to get hold of them. And so, now, it has evolved into the current design. I will tell you more in my blog once I get everything organised. I won't say I was 100% satisfied with this job since its not perfect as there are some bugs still in the program and one or two more tweaks which I think should be improved

Never mind, I will reconstruct the circuit on my prototype board and once its tested OK, I will upgrade his software chip.

This is a rare chance for you all to have a look
inside the toy and how the wiring looked like
when I was working on it. So, I have to make
sure I do not do things in a rush as its very
fragile with all the wiring in there.

The goal of the finished product: To look as
is it has not been modified and yet to give
it functions as if it was the real thing.