Mobile Menace

Kristine is almost at the age where she is getting to balance herself and realise she can cause more menace if she:

1) Crawled everywhere
2) Tries to stand on anything, even at the edge
3) Tries to climb ON anything
4) Tries to climb OFF anything, etc.

But at the end of the day, a smile and some sweet sounds of Ba-Ba-ba..... (No, she was not calling me)

Not content with pushing everything to the floor, Kristine wants to get closer to the "Desperate Housewives"

Mommy went out the door and Kristine tried to follow too

After some door banging, she decided to raid the clothes basket instead (after felling some more bottles).

Saving Petrol (or Diesel)

With the recent increase in fuel prices, everyone is trying to save a bit here and there. But today, this one takes the cake. I was coming out of 7-11 in PJ after buying batteries for my camera and I saw four taxi drivers sitting in a Taxi, presumably sharing the air-con (it was a hot day) and a newspaper.

This shows how hard it was to make a living as a Taxi driver yet, their lives were made bearable when there are friends to share.

Sometimes I wished I had a polarised lens to remove reflections on clear surfaces

After the disappointment on Saturday, finally we got the chance to dismantle the system today. I was excited to tear it down, part by part because it felt like as if I was David (w/o the slingshot) taking on Goliath. I felt so invincible.

However, while I was doing the job, there were thoughts about the Engineers and Technicians installing and maintaining the system years before. All their sweat and efforts come to naught on this very day.
Before, it was one of the most important equipment, making sure the company stayed well up to date in communications. Looking at the machine before I switched it off, its like as if it has served the best of its years and now it was waiting to die.

Waiting for me to dismantle it.

Waiting for me to tear it apart.

And it felt so helpless to stop me.

At the end of the job, I did not felt so great after all.

I was never the Hero I imagined to be.

More like, I felt like a bastard.

A robber of Life.

I shot Goliath while his hands were tied.

Here it is, the NEC PABX

Look at all the cabling (and the ones hidden at the sides)

And all that under the floor
(Don't ask me about the clothes hanger)

Which leads to the connctors on the wall

So, we started from the top by removing all the cables & connectors

Then we continued to the bottom frame

After one & a half hours, it was gone, the PABX, its heavy batteries and power supply (which I nearly broke my back), all of it gone. But we left the connectors on the wall.